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How Goodness Pays: Why good leaders THRIVE in a transparent business world

ISBN: 9780578402604
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Paul Batz
Pages: 192
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 11/16/2018

How Goodness Pays is the only book that has three years of data to statistically correlate goodness behaviors of leaders to better financial results. It is also the only book that provides an easy one-question tool, the Goodness Pays Score (GPS), to assess and address your organization’s goodness in leadership. This book will help CEOs, executives, business owners, and aspiring senior leaders:

  • Gain greater followership through alignment
  • Attract and retain great employees
  • Develop the next generation of leaders
  • Become better leaders with the Goodness Pays Score–a simple tool for any leader to survey how goodness concepts are alive in their organization
  • Get better results through specific advice–time-tested coaching advice–confirmed by research that identified The Five Goodness Pays Factors
  • Gain insight from 15 highly-acclaimed leaders in large, mid-sized, and small companies
  • Quickly gather tips through personal stories in this visually pleasing, easy-to-read book
  • Overcome their skepticism with “The Skeptic’s Shift” in each chapter that honors the voice of the skeptical personality, demonstrated by the changes Paul Hillen made through the transitions in his career


Paul Batz is a thought leader on how goodness pays in leadership and business, and recognized as one of the top leadership bloggers in America. He is an author, executive coach, and international speaker who built his firm, Good Leadership Enterprises, with the same strategies around goodness he teaches clients. His firm is a leadership consulting boutique with world-class strategies to coach executive teams with bold aspirations how to exceed their goals, both personally and professionally.

Paul Hillen is an accomplished senior business executive with over 30 years of experience in upper level management and marketing, at both large, multi-national companies and at mid/small size companies. He is currently President and COO at Revier Brand Group, LLC at Revier Cattle Company. He has received numerous awards for business and marketing expertise. He is also an author, speaker, and has served as a board member for companies, non-profit organizations, and major Universities.


“This book on goodness is a timely offering on a timeless topic full of time-tested ideas that will bring renewal and purpose to your leadership and life.” –Richard Leider, International best-selling author of The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags, and Life Reimagined

“Batz has another great book that is simple and profound. He and Paul Hillen have written a book on business that every leader needs to read. They show how goodness pays financially and in so many other ways. Goodness is a timeless idea and the world needs leaders who are aligned with goodness now more than ever.” –Dan Mallin, CEO, Managing Partner, and Founder, Equals 3, LLC

“At Qlik, we are a living example of how goodness pays around the globe. The ideas and research communicated in this book are exactly the ways we partner with NGOs, the United Nations, and local non-profits to help them improve their organizations and their outcomes. This book is really about corporate social responsibility, high performance, and how goodness pays in employee/employer relationships to the world we want. And I love it.” –Julie Kae Whipple, Global Head of Corporate Responsibility, Qlik

“Every person has the desire to enjoy a ‘good’ life. The confidence of knowing you are improving each and every day is incredibly powerful. How Goodness Pays is a well-written book that will provide you with clear and concise coaching principles that will make you a more effective person and leader.” –Kevin Warren, COO, Minnesota Vikings

“Paul Batz and Paul Hillen have proven that goodness pays. It is an essential part of winning in business and winning in life. This book paves the path for anyone interested in learning how to achieve great results by inspiring others and experiencing personal fulfillment along the journey as well as reaching the destination.” –Megan Remark, President and CEO, Regions Hospital

“Goodness pays. If you’re a skeptic, this book was written for you. If you’re a believer, the research and real-life evidence in this book will equip you to convince the skeptics around you. If you’re a leader or aspiring to become one, you’ll find both practical advice and inspiration in these pages. If you’re in business, you should read this book!” –Lorri Anderson, HR Executive, Logic PD

"How Goodness Pays is a long time coming: measuring the impact of human goodness in business. The collective ability of Batz and Hillen to cut things back business to their bare essence and build them back up is impressive. The book itself is a precursor to a good model.” –Rick Kupchella, Founder and CEO, i.e. Network

“Why is common sense seldom common practice? Goodness pays—it’s a core idea to living a good life. If you follow the insight in this book you will improve your business results, lead happier teams, and become a happier human being. How cool is that?” –Darin Lynch, Founder and CEO, Irish Titan

"How Goodness Pays proves Paul Batz is way ahead of the curve. His partnership with corporate executive Paul Hillen produced a must-read read book for leaders who want to thrive in today’s business culture.” –Stacey Stratton, President and CEO, True Talent Group

“Paul Hillen and Paul Batz have written an insightful examination on how leading with goodness pays. Readers can gain knowledge on what it takes to lead with goodness and why something that seems like common sense is not common practice. This is a must read for anyone in leadership. The principles are clear and Batz and Hillen lay it out in a transparent easy to follow path.” –Nicki Vincent, Executive Director, Academy for Corporate Growth

“I’ve learned and re-learned that my thinking needs to change in order to change behaviors, which is the foundation for any cultural shift. How Goodness Pays helps me continue to shift my thinking about my leadership shadow. I am looking forward to leveraging How Goodness Pays to amplify our ongoing culture journey to become a more mission-driven and values-based organization.” –Dave Sparkman, Senior VP, UnitedHealth Group

“Paul Batz and team are on to something here! We have trained our managers and employees in the ‘Seven Fs,’ and they love it that their employer cares about them as whole people—not just employees. And it shows in their enthusiasm for the work!” –Jodi Harpstead, COO, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota

“Obviously, in healthcare and the practice of neurosurgery, we believe in goodness. And yet, as physicians, we don’t always know how to make it pay in the leadership part of our jobs. The advice in this book really works—it’s been our path forward, and we are thriving.” –Paul Camarata, Chair, Department of Neurosurgery, KU Medical

“My leadership experience over the past ten years has been in big, global companies in both finance and technology areas of the business. Without a doubt, the ideas that Batz and Hillen share about goodness transcend cultural boundaries. And, in my experience, when our leaders lead with goodness, it really does pay. Thanks for sharing a great concept and a terrific book with the world.” –Jeff Augustin, VP of Global Business Services, Merck

“This leadership book contains actionable, evidence-based guidance for running an organization with a strong double-bottom line—that being profit and impact.” –Matt Norman, President and CEO, Dale Carnegie, North Central US

“Paul Batz became my coach when my mentors gave me a second chance to lead my department out of a very difficult situation. This book distills the principles he helped me apply to support my colleagues’ implementation of an amazing turnaround that has brought us closer to the cohesive, creative, thriving workplace to which we aspire. Read it, believe it, do it—it works!” –Stephen J. Haines, former Head, Department of Neurosurgery, University of Minnesota

“There’s no separation between good business and personal goodness. That’s why How Goodness Pays is an important book for all business leaders.” –Jurriaan Kamp, Founder-editor Ode Magazine, The Optimist ad KAMP Solutions Activator