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How Far Is A Mighty Long Way?

ISBN: 9781737864813
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sharon Kimbrough
Pages: 104
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 3/1/2022

How Far is a Mighty Long Way? takes us on a journey in the life of Sharon Kimbrough, an advertising executive. Her journey begins as a little girl in Chicago, IL. She is the youngest daughter of Andrew and Grace Jacobs. Her sister, Myra, and Sharon had a good life until the day Myra is struck by a car on the way back home from a trip to the neighborhood grocery store. The store was located directly across the street from where they lived. Shortly after the car accident, Myra dies. The family moves and another tragedy occurs that catapults her life and her life story. This book is intended to encourage the reader during a storm. Each chapter is a mile and each mile ends with the lessons learned in that mile. There is joy, sorrow and laughter in these heart-warming stories about Sharon's life. Trust in God and faith are at the center of these chapters that show God's love, grace and mercy. It also shows how Faith will drive you and the Holy Spirit will provide comfort as it keeps you on the right track in the presence of the Lord. The reader will feel the presence and power of God. Sharon thanks God for bringing her a mighty long way. Just How Far is a Mighty Long Way? This question is asked and answered in the book How Far is a Mighty Long Way?


Sharon Kimbrough is a writer and an award-winning producer who started her advertising career as a Creative Secretary in 1974 with Burrell Communications Group. As the company grew, Kimbrough worked her way up the corporate ladder to Senior Vice President/Director of Broadcast Production Services and Executive Producer. She produced countless TV and radio commercials for many blue-chip clients and worked with several celebrities.

Kimbrough won first place at the Orlando Urban Film Festival for the short film, Raggedy Man, that she produced with longtime industry friends. Most recently, she served as Assistant Producer on a documentary entitled Burrell: Advertising Revolution which highlights Tom Burrell and the positive impact his agency had on advertising targeted to the African American community. The documentary aired on PBS.

Kimbrough is a Christian and an active member of her church, Murchison-Isom Temple CME where, Rev. Dr. Karen Walker-McClure is the pastor. At her church, she serves as Director of Creative Arts, a steward, and an usher.

Kimbrough lives in Chicago, Illinois and is the proud mother of Crystal and proud grandmother of Tiffany and Ean.