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Home Is Wherever I Go

ISBN: 9781643438306
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Marian Tiemann
Illustrator: Yawen Chien
Pages: 32
Trim: 10 x 8 inches
Published: 2/22/2021

"Today my mom told me we have to move again, but I'm pretty good at packing up. With all my treasures in a little box, I can make any place a palace."

Home Is Wherever I Go is a compassionate, reassuring story of a child facing the uncertainty of moving to a new home . . . again . . . and finding comfort in imagining what treasures she will bring. Join her as she collects her simple treasures and uses her imagination to turn moving to a new place into a magical, exciting, and comforting adventure.

Filled with beautiful watercolor illustrations as well as a page of questions for parents, caregivers, teachers, therapists, and social workers, Home Is Wherever I Go captures the essence of what truly makes a home.


Marian Tiemann is an author, artist, and early intervention teacher living in Northern California. Through her own experiences and her intimate work with diverse families, she has been inspired by stories of housing insecurity, transience, and resilience. In recognition of the power of imagination to create a sense of stability and security amid change, and to give voice to children who face these challenges, Home Is Wherever I Go was born.

Yawen Chien was born in Taiwan and has lived and worked as an artist, illustrator, and theater performer in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years. She expresses sensitivity and spontaneity through water mediums and is inspired by collaborations with other artists and immersions in different art forms. You may find more of her work at artswen.


"Home Is Wherever I Go is told through the eyes of a child who is struggling to understand the feelings of loss, fear, and isolation that come with housing insecurity. The vibrant, colorful, and playful illustrations by Yawen Chien illuminate the importance of love, social-emotional wellness, and support during any change in a child's life. Written with insight and empathy, Home Is Wherever I Go transports us into the magical world of a child's imagination and demonstrates the power of a child's resilience, creativity, and adaptability as tools for survival in a world where things can change unexpectedly. This moving and inspiring story can help children of all ages develop resilience, empathy, and compassion for peers who are coping with economic insecurity, or any other challenge that impacts their feelings of security and wellbeing. Both teachers and parents can use the suggested questions for discussions that encourage the development of empathy for others." - Emily Sanders, teacher

"This is a book for our time! Reeling from a pandemic, rising housing costs, and high unemployment, more and more families are finding themselves living with housing insecurity. Living in cars, campers, or with relatives and friends has become more and more a part of the lives of children. This book helps normalize this tragic reality and reassure children that they are not alone. Like the little girl in this book, they too, can create a home with their special treasures, imaginations, and love of family. It is a must read for every classroom teacher and parent." - Sandra Hietala, M.Ed.

"Home Is Wherever I Go is a moving and important book for young children. It evokes complex feelings while demonstrating resilience and the true meaning of what makes a home. It is a great jumping-off point for classroom and individual discussions." - Joni AvRutick, PreK–3rd grade teacher

"This book couldn't have come along at a better time. A must for every elementary school library." - GFL, teacher

"Home Is Wherever I Go captures the power of childhood resilience through imagination and wonder, which allow a little girl to look forward amid housing instability. The child in this delightful story collects the simplest treasures that spark her fantasy world and anticipation of a new adventure. These objects become her anchors during a time of transition and help bridge a sense of 'home' that frequently changes. The beautiful watercolor illustrations bring the reader directly into her dreamy worldview. Many children will relate to a life of constant disruption while being reminded of the power of appreciation in the small little things that keep familiarity and possibility alive. This book is a tool for parents, teachers, and therapist to guide positive thinking in children who face uncertainty." - Jane Farrell, early childhood special educator

"Uncertainty in adults' worlds brings unexpected changes to children's lives. In this beautifully illustrated and intimately written book, a little girl shows readers the richness of her spirit and imagination as she creates and carries her world of beloved treasures and connections to her new home. Is this not a lesson for all lives?" - Char Canger, therapist