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Heroes of MidAria: Angels of Hell

ISBN: 9781662865084
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Felix Cipher
Pages: 370
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 04/20/2023

After a horrifying and unexplainable encounter with the impossible, Dacitrynn and his partner, Leviathan, find themselves stranded in a whole new area far from home. The struggle to return back to MidAria proves itself to be as grueling as it is frustrating, and while precious time passes, Daci is filled with paranoia and dread for what awaits them back at the village. Dacitrynn fears that what happened before their sudden and unexpected departure is a grave omen for the future, and a profound evil is undoubtedly brewing in the shadows of ambiguity, lurking just beneath the surface of anyone's understanding. The undead figure had rejoiced over a magnificent power that he proclaims is coming to find the half-demon, and for all Daci knows, this rumoured "ShiKhan" is a huge threat that everybody needs to be wary of, not just he alone. If what his father said is true, Daci feels that peace is far away from being attained in MidAria, and with infinitely expanding confusion, this threat seems as though it's much larger than anything he has ever seen before. Even when reassuring faces -both new and old- present themselves to him along the way, offering their support, Daci's heart remains full of doubt as seemingly unanswerable questions consume his thinning sanity. Who is this great power, and how dangerous is she? Is she the little girl who delivered the prophecy to him in his dreams, or is she someone much more obvious than that? Aside from her mysterious identity, why is she targeting the half-demon in particular, and how close to home will this dire situation be hitting for Daci and his loved ones?


My name is Felix Cipher, and I am just a basic guy. I'm an oddball that likes to waste any available time on daydreaming, doodling, writing, and caring for all my beautiful snakes. I got the inspiration to make this series from many places of interest, and my work has been both an escape and an outlet for me over the years. In these books, I find it entertaining to ignore fantasy clichés and flip them upside down on their heads, which I frequently notice to be a prominent theme as well as a motivation for me in my writing. I've always loved the idea of creating my own universe, and here, I have finally recorded the results.