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Here I Am

ISBN: 9781592981243
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Bethelhem Negash
Pages: 68
Published: 2/26/2006

A 31-day devotional called "Here I Am!" in the Ethiopian language of Amharic. Ever since Bethelhem Negash was a baby believer in Jesus she would go into her "prayer closet" with pen paper and Bible and write down her prayers and journal her God-encounters. Months and years later she would go back and read them finding fresh insight and comfort every time. And she would encounter God again-for the first time. In fact after a few second- and third-time readings that resulted in first-time revelations she started to think "Perhaps the Lord did speak to me that other time... Maybe it wasn't just for me the..." So she decided to share her journals starting with this 31-day devotional.

Saints of God I bet it was obvious to every onlooker back in first-century Jerusalem what the Bethesda pool was filled with. It was water of course and they all knew its purpose. The miraculous nature of the pool was only revealed when the angel stirred it up and the first person who jumped in was healed. So it is with the Word of God. When you spend time and allow His Word to speak-when you listen-you get a glimpse of the heart of God. The Holy Spirit specializes in shedding light on the truth hidden among the letters. Unless God's Word is revealed to us it is merely a bunch of letters and stories just as the Bethesda pool to the innocent bystander appeared to be full of ordinary water.

Tell God "Here I Am!" Surrender your time to God and read on to get a deeper and closer view of Him. May He grant you even brighter revelation!


Bethelhem Negash is a Project Manager (PMP and MPM)) by profession and has a Masters degree in Management. She has worked in various international and national organizations in the past decade and traveled internationally.

A first generation immigrant from Ethiopia who has lived in the US for over 13 years Beth describes herself as "a sinner saved by the grace of Jesus Christ". She wrote this devotional for all to "find solace in solitude with God."