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Literature & Fiction - Contemporary

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Hello Navi - – a novella about human trafficking: Written by a Survivor, Based on Actual Events

ISBN: 9781945786044
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sandy Storm
Illustrator: Alexis Kadonsky
Pages: 152
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 9/24/2016

Hello Navi is a novella about human trafficking told both in the physical and spirit realms. The story follows Navi, a young lady who faces demons of childhood sexual abuse that are driving her to drug use and leading her into a situation that places her under the control of an abusive pimp. All the while, a mysterious man who is pursuing her takes the girl from the harsh reality of sex trafficking to a wonderful place of love and acceptance in a spiritual world where Navi learns her royal identity, experiences true love and ultimately, finds freedom. Hello Navi is a message of hope for anyone who has experienced abuse, addiction, rape, or thinks God was distant when they were in a dark place.

Author Sandy Storm is a child sex trafficking survivor who has experienced a powerful transformation and lives what can only be described as a brand new life. She is an author and gifted public speaker, communicating her experiences while trapped as a child sex slave and involved in the industry of commercial sexual exploitation as a young adult as well as the effects of porn on our culture and the need for care for child sex trafficking survivors. Generously gifted with a creative spirit, Sandy is an inspiration to many. She shares her story of great love, hope, forgiveness, and redemption as she speaks and teaches in both the church and the marketplace. Sandy's presentations have been called educational, inspiring and powerful. Attendees leave feeling empowered to bring positive change to their circles of influence. Sandy’s life has been redeemed from victim to survivor, and now she is truly thriving.

“Navi tells her powerful story of being birthed into a family filled with adversity. She reveals both unimaginable darkness and an inexplicable presence of Light. Sold in a web of unspeakable sexual abuse as a child, she was yet still able to sense her heavenly Father’s love and care. Navi supernaturally remains unjaded toward God, telling her true account of a young life of horrific circumstances.”– Tomi Grover, PhD, Human Trafficking Educator (regarding Becoming Navi)

“Commercial Sex is barbaric. A civil society cannot continue to allow it, stay silent about it or be apathetic. Traffickers are literally harvesting our future (our teens and young adults) and destroying it. Hello Navi shows how the process works. How the unthinkable happens in plain sight.  I predict readers of Hello Navi will be moved to make their communities safer for victims and hostile to traffickers.”– Dottie Laster, Human Trafficking Expert (regarding Hello Navi)

Hello Navi presents an incredible picture of God’s supernatural ability to heal and redeem lives! Nothing is too dark or graphic for our Father to redeem, and the reality of this novel demonstrates that God does just that: He takes the most broken and seemingly most unloved and transforms their lives by His blood and His love!

Jesus is the ultimate rescuer, and Hello Navi paints one of the most accurate modern-day realities of Him doing just that. This story will bring hope to so many people’s lives! From the trafficked victim to the hopeless and fatherless, this is a book of promise to anyone and everyone that needs Divine intervention in their lives.

It’s real! It’s raw! It’s graphic! And unfortunately, it’s the reality of the world we all live in. We can no longer turn a blind eye, nor be disengaged from the fight against darkness around us! This novel is one more tool in our belts to securing the victory Jesus has already won!”– David J. Bendett, Senior Pastor – Rock City Church (regarding Hello Navi)