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Hacked Again

ISBN: 9780996902212
Binding: Paperback
Author: Scott N. Schober
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 3/15/2016

Hacked Again details the ins and outs of cybersecurity expert and CEO of a top wireless security tech firm Scott Schober as he struggles to understand the motives and mayhem behind his being hacked.

As a small business owner family man and tech pundit Scott finds himself leading a compromised life. By day he runs a successful security company and reports on the latest cyber breaches in the hopes of offering solace and security tips to millions of viewers.

But when a mysterious hacker begins to steal thousands from his bank account go through his trash and take over his social media identity Scott stands to lose everything he has worked so hard for.

Amidst the backdrop of major breaches Scott shares tips and best practices for all consumers. Most importantly he shares his own story of being hacked repeatedly and how he has come to realize that the only thing as important as his own cybersecurity is that of his readers and viewers.


Scott N. Schober is a wireless technology &amp cybersecurity expert and the President and CEO of Berkeley Varitronics Systems (BVS) a forth-year-old provider of advanced wireless RF test and security solutions. Scott has overseen the development numerous cell phone detection tools used to enforce a "no cell phone policy" in correctional law enforcement and secured government facilities.

Scott regularly appears on Bloomberg TV as a cyber security expert with numerous appearances on ABC Al Jazeera America CBS This Morning News CCTV America CNBC CNN Fox Business Fox News Good Morning America Inside Edition and MSNBC. Scott's voice is heard on dozens of radio stations such as XM Sirius Radio Bloomberg Radio and The Peggy Smedley Show. He has presented as a subject expert discussing cybersecurity/corporate espionage at numerous conferences around the globe. Scott has been interviewed in WSJ Forbes Fortune Success NY Daily News Newsweek USA Today and The New York Times.

"How can the little guys anticipate and prepare for a potential hack? For starters they should read Schober's book-which he could have just as easily named 'The Original Hacker's Dictionary For Small Business Owners&lsquo."- Forbes Magazine

"Cybersecurity Bible for small business owners." -Steve Morgan of Cybersecurity Business Report

"Hacked Again is a well written book that I recommend without hesitation - especially as a primer for business owners or even government business pros who want to understand what really happens before during and after data breaches or security incidents that occur regarding your own accounts." - Dan Lohrmann Government Technology

"I will be incorporating Hacked Again into my cybersecurity courses. There is no other book that lays this great of a cybersecurity foundation and also details recent hacks of major corporations." - Professor Jonathan S. Weissman RIT/FLCC/Nazareth College

" them a copy of the book write an inscription in the cover and ten days later ask them what they have learned." - Stephen Northcutt SANS Technology Institute

"Now I understand the urgency of strong passwords! I will recommend your book to my friends it was a good read." - Mike Case Globalstar Director Gateway Engineering

Hacked Again