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Goodbye Navi - a novella about the industry of commercial sexual exploitation: Written by a Survivor, Based on Actual Events

ISBN: 9781945786105
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sandy Storm
Illustrator: Alexis Kadonsky
Pages: 132
Trim: 6” x 9” inches
Published: 12/18/2020

Goodbye Navi shows the struggle of a desperate young woman who has been a victim of abuse, rape, neglect, and drug addiction and feels she has no other choice than to give herself over to life in the streets. With the pressures of a broken life driving her to desperation, she reluctantly allows circumstances to push her beyond her boundaries of safety into hopelessness and despair. Even while her life continues to crumble, Navi finds a spark of hope that gives her courage to persevere and experience transforming freedom.


Author Sandy Storm is a child sex trafficking survivor who has experienced a powerful transformation and lives what can only be described as a brand new life.

She is an author and gifted public speaker, communicating her experiences while trapped as a child sex slave and involved in the industry of commercial sexual exploitation as a young adult as well as the effects of porn on our culture and the need for care for child sex trafficking survivors.

Generously gifted with a creative spirit, Sandy is an inspiration to many. She shares her story of great love, hope, forgiveness and redemption as she speaks and teaches through many avenues within the church and the marketplace.

Her presentations have been called educational, inspiring and powerful and attendees say they leave feeling empowered to bring positive change to their circles of influence.

Sandy has been married to her amazing husband since 2003 and they are involved in their communities through their businesses and the local church.

Learn more about ways you can help to bring an end to human trafficking and the industry of commercial sexual exploitation at Follow Sandy on social media and contact her at

Sandy’s life has been redeemed from victim to survivor, and now she is truly thriving.


“Goodbye Navi is a candid, behind-the-scenes expression of the struggles of women who find themselves trapped in sexual exploitation, told by a survivor herself. The story tells how, in the pursuit of love, the Father pursues His daughters as He cares so deeply for each woman so entrenched. A must-read for not only those who have worked in adult entertainment but also valuable for their advocates to further expand their compassion and understanding."  -- Lisa Michelle - Executive Director, No Strings Attached Ministries