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Geek Therapy Card Deck For Clients and Therapists: 87 Practices To Improve Thoughts, Build Insight, Take Action in Your life, & Destress

ISBN: 9781734866070
Binding: Card Deck
Author: Dr. Anthony M. Bean
Trim: 4 x 3 inches
Published: 06/21/2021

The Geek Therapy Card Deck helps people find balance, reduce stress, bring awareness into their lives, and be mindful in the moment allowing them to manage distress, regulate their emotions and understand life relationships using Geek Cultural Artifacts and insights found within.

These topics are image coded for easy use and findability. They contain teachings, ideas for contemplation, exercises, and more for the clinician and client in a variety of topics such as

  •  Video Games,
  •  Movies/Television,
  •  Anime,
  •  Pop Culture,
  •  Superheroes,
  •  Comics,
  •  and even Self-Care topics steeped in Geek Culture.

They are best used as conversation starters, topics for discussion, and even intentionally as a manner in which to drive a point home and shift the thinking patterns. They are perfect for clinicians practicing Geek Therapy, clients, and even people who relate to Geek Cultural Artifacts to help them process life events in a safe and engaging manner.


Dr. Anthony Bean is a seasoned psychologist known for his diverse expertise and innovative approach to mental health. With a wealth of experience, he specializes in areas such as video game addiction, psychological assessments, and therapeutic interventions. Dr. Bean is a sought-after expert in media, frequently contributing insights on psychological topics. His research spans contemporary issues, contributing valuable insights to both academic and practical domains. Known for a dynamic and engaging presence, Dr. Bean is dedicated to fostering well-being through a holistic understanding of mental health, making him a trusted figure in the field.