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From Tree to Seed: A Gift to You from Me

ISBN: 9781634893046
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Phil Eldredge
Illustrator: Michael B. Putman
Pages: 40
Trim: 9.5 x 11 inches
Published: 3/24/2020

Set off on a journey through life in From Tree to Seed, learning family values along the way from the elders who came before. Family. Adventure. Generosity. Nature. Spirit. What are your values?

Designed to spark conversations between grandparents and children, this book sows the seeds of literacy while building vocabulary. Learn the secrets to fulfilling lifelong friendships, honing your special talents, and following your dreams. With beautiful illustrations and the living legacy of timeless wisdom, young readers will be inspired to embrace life while cherishing the ones they love.


From Tree to Seed is the first children’s book by Phil Eldredge. Phil has spent the majority of his thirty-two-year career in the insurance and financial services industry, helping people make wise choices with money. He’s found that the universal principles that make people successful in their adult careers can also be applied to children earlier in their development.

Phil attributes his inspiration for this book to becoming a new grandparent. Knowing the profound impact his grandparents had on his own life, Phil hopes that one day he can provide a similar impact on the lives of his grandchildren. Even better, he hopes to positively influence the early development of children throughout the world. There is nothing he would rather do than read and spend time with his grandchildren.

Phil grew up in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He has three wonderful children and three amazing grandchildren. He resides in Woodbury, Minnesota, with his smart, beautiful, and supportive wife of twenty-eight years.