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From Conflict to Creative Collaboration

ISBN: 9781626526112
Binding: paperback
Author: Rosa Zubizarreta
Pages: 142
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 3/25/2014

A detailed user's guide for organizational consultants facilitators and mediators.

As group facilitators we can use methods like Open Space Technology Future Search and World Caf&eacute to reliably evoke "group magic" when working with larger groups. Yet how can we tap into the generative power of self-organization when working with smaller groups &ndash especially ones facing complex and conflict-laden issues?

In From Conflict to Creative Collaboration: A User's Guide to Dynamic Facilitation collaboration consultant Rosa Zubizarreta introduces a highly effective and agile way to welcome task groups into a co-creative "flow zone" &ndash where participants create practical and innovative solutions while building trust empathy and authentic community.

Zubizarreta describes a ground-breaking facilitation approach for transforming unproductive group friction into world-class teamwork and innovation which will allow them to be more effective at drawing out group creativity.

Foreword by Peggy Holman

About Author

Rosa Zubizarreta helps leaders and groups transform the friction of conflicting perspectives into the energy of co-creativity and innovation. She offers advanced workshops for professionals who facilitate difficult meetings and want to control less while accomplishing far more with greater ease and joy. Her academic and professional background is in organization development multicultural education and clinical social work.


"In the hands of a skilled facilitator Dynamic Facilitation is the most potent process I know for transmuting intractable conflicts into breakthrough insights solutions and possibilities. Among DF facilitators I consider Rosa Zubizarreta an experienced and grounded practitioner and a uniquely thoughtful trainer theoretician and innovator. It is my privilege to give her work my highest recommendation."-Tom Atlee Research Director of the Co-Intelligence Institute

"As our world becomes more complex and challenging there is a crucial need for creative collaboration. Dynamic Facilitation is a breakthrough innovation for guiding groups through the hard work of solving shared problems and creating new possibilities. In this book Rosa Zubizarreta provides a detailed practical and effective guide for facilitating a group's progress toward significant breakthrough thinking planning and action."-Saul Eisen Ph.D. Founder (Emeritus) of the Organization Development program at Sonoma State University

"Rosa is a gifted facilitator: she listens with exquisite sensitivity creates a safe space for open expression of different points of view and is adept at gently navigating conflict in a group so that all parties feel valued and respected for their contributions. She does all this with warmth and a genuinely engaging sense of humor. I highly recommend her work as well as this book she has written to share her knowledge with others."-Anne Grosser Imago Therapist and Co-founder of the Center for Compassionate Relationships