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From Ally to Accomplice: How to Lead as a Fierce Antiracist

ISBN: 9781634896238
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Seena Hodges
Pages: 252
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 11/21/2023

In this diversity and inclusion book, award-winning DEI coach and strategy expert Seena Hodges shares best practices from her DEI training programs for inclusive leadership, no matter where you—or your company—are on your antiracism journey.

"From Ally to Accomplice is nothing short of transformational. We see things differently and act differently, with an informed purpose that we didn't have before." -Maurice Blanks, co-founder and COO of Blu Dot

Allies stand by. Accomplices take action. Which one are you?

Seena Hodges wholeheartedly believes that racial equity is the defining issue of our time. As the founder and CEO of The Woke Coach®, Seena leads inviting—and even joyful—antiracist programming that doesn't avoid hard truths.

Her transformational work has helped thousands of clients, galvanizing organizations and individuals to dig into the difficult work to become the best, most understanding, and empathetic versions of themselves.

Using personal reflections and real-life examples, Seena invites readers to take their antiracism to the next level. With data-driven strategies, a framework based on engagement and accountability, and coaching questions at the end of every chapter, discover how to move to action to:

  • leverage positions of privilege to challenge norms and create inclusive environments,
  • engage in difficult conversations and listen to diverse lived experiences and perspectives,
  • reflect on language, ways to show up, and the role that organizations play,
  • increase self-awareness around issues of race and racial injustice, and
  • develop an antiracist lens to approach the world, yourself, and others.

A graduate of Columbia University and the Harvard Young American Leaders Program with certifications in Train the Trainer, Clifton Strengths®, and Intercultural Development Inventory ®, Seena Hodges's vast professional experience makes this the perfect resource for any leader wanting to make a real impact in their organization.

Go beyond antiracism and DEI in the workplace as a concept or a box to check.

Once you see injustice, you can't unsee it. So the question is: what are you going to do about it?


Seena Hodges is an award-winning DEI expert with over two decades of experience helping clients become the fiercest allies in the spaces they occupy. As the Founder and CEO of The Woke Coach®, Seena has led anti-racist programming and inclusion training for thousands of clients from state and city government organizations to the University of Minnesota, Red Wing Shoe Company, KNOCK, inc., and the Walker Art Center.

Seena brings a variety of qualifications to her programming, including a Train the Trainer certificate from the University of Minnesota, an administrator certification in Clifton Strengths® (StrengthsFinder), and certification in the premier cross-cultural assessment of intercultural competence, Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI).

An MFA graduate of Columbia University and the Harvard Young American Leaders Program, Seena has been recognized with the Women in Business Award by the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal and the Women in Color Achievement Award by Women Presidents Organization (WPO) and 100 Black Men of the Twin Cities. She will begin a PhD program in Management and Public Service at Hamline University in Minnesota this fall.

Her notable work includes serving as the President of the Board of Trustees at the Walker Art Center—the first person of color to hold this distinction—and facilitating cultural competency training for teachers across the state of Minnesota through the Professional Education Licensing Standards Board. Seena is a member of the Black Trustee Alliance (BTA), The Women Presidents' Organization (WPO), Minnesota Women's Economic Roundtable, and Women Elevating Women (WEW).


"From Ally to Accomplice is nothing short of transformational. We see things differently and act differently, with an informed purpose that we didn't have before."  –Maurice Blanks, Co-founder and COO of Blu Dot

"We are committed to DEIAA work because it's the right thing to do, both personally and professionally. From a business perspective, I've always been convinced that with more diverse voices at our tables, we make better decisions and we become a stronger company—and a more dynamic and fun place to work!"  –John Christakos, Co-founder and CEO of Blu Dot

"A must-read for anyone who strives to lead, From Ally to Accomplice is a manual for how to really be the accomplice so many of us think we already are. The tests of leadership are never easy, and this book calls out the times that many of us think we are standing up for someone but really are just standing by them. Seena Hodges challenges us all to truly reflect on what it means to stand up to racism instead of standing by."  —Dave Murphy, president & CEO of Lind Electronics

"Perfect for anyone who has heard themselves saying 'I don't know where to start' or 'I'm worried about getting it wrong'. The information is authentic, practical, and tangible. Transformation is possible and this book will help you understand, learn, and move to action. You can hear Seena Hodges' strong yet kind voice through her powerful stories and examples, which creates a safe and vulnerable foundation for the journey forward."  —Amy Langer, cofounder and former owner of Salo LLC

"As leaders we need to do the work to understand how to not settle for just 'Diversity and Inclusion,' but to actively dismantle racism in our organizations and society. This must-read guide contains everything you need to know if you want to lead as a fierce antiracist."  —Amanda Brinkman, speaker, author, and CEO of Sunshine Studios

"Powerful, practical, and solid advice on how to approach the vast and complex topics of DEIA with confidence. Seena Hodges' expertise will change the way you think about everything, from day-to-day thoughts and actions to your professional life—no matter your position or industry. It's a must-read that you will find yourself going back to again and again."  —Tracy Nielsen, executive director of HandsOn Twin Cities

"Seena Hodges' genuine voice shines through From Ally to Accomplice in every way. This book educates through a historical lens and empathizes with the understanding that each of us has our own set of life experiences . . . yet never lets us off the hook. It takes practice and courage to truly create and unleash the power of diversity in our lives. Seena gives us the tools, the language, and the practical framework to elevate our awareness and confidence to make a difference. I know I'll refer to this book again and again!" -—D. Ellen Wilson, former Fortune 50 HR Executive

"I wasn't expecting a self-help book on racism to be a page-turner, but Seena Hodges writes from the heart and generously shares profound expertise and wisdom in such an engaging and straightforward way that it's hard not to read it cover to cover. And at the end of it, the case for becoming an accomplice fighting racism is compelling, and the path forward is clear. This book will change the hearts, minds, and actions of all who read it."  —David Wilson, managing partner at Commutator LLC