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Food Choice and Sustainability

ISBN: 9781626524354
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Dr. Richard Oppenlander
Pages: 498
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 11/19/2013

What we choose to eat is killing our planet and us yet use of the word 'sustainable' is ubiquitous. Explanation of this incongruity lies in the fact that sustainability efforts are rarely positioned to include food choice in an accurate manner. This is due to a number of influencing cultural social and political factors that disable our food production systems and limit our base of knowledge-falsely guiding us on a path of pseudo sustainability while we devastate the ecosystems that support us cause mass extinctions and generate narrowing time lines that will ultimately jeopardize our very survival as a civilization.

Food Choice and Sustainability is a groundbreaking new book that anyone who cares about our future and that of other species should read -individuals academic institutions businesses organizations and policy makers. Categories of global depletion are detailed widely held myths are debunked critical disconnects are exposed and profound solutions are offered.

Dr. Richard Oppenlander has devoted his life to improving the health of our planet. Through literary work or in person he brings an eclectic combination of experiences regarding this topic spanning the past 40 years. His medical research during the 1970s gave way to clinical experiences over the years treating thousands of patients many of those with nutritional and dietary issues. Since 1976 he has extensively studied the effect our food choices have on our health and the immense impact those choices have on our environment. Dr. Oppenlander has given hundreds of lectures presentations and open discussions on this topic. He is also president and founder of a sustainable organic food production business. He has been a featured guest appearing on radio shows in newspapers and in magazines.

With Comfortably Unaware as well as with his speaking engagements Dr. Oppenlander addresses the fact that our current choices of foods are causing Global Depletion-the loss of our land water air/atmosphere food supply biodiversity energy resources and our own health. In compelling fashion he reveals serious inefficiencies and unsustainable practices in our current food production systems and explores unique solutions. Along the way Dr. Oppenlander challenges audiences with new insights regarding how this has happened-exposing our cultural social educational governmental - and even media - influences.


"The importance of Dr. Richard Oppenlander's work to save planet Earth and its animal inhabitants exceeds the importance of reversing epidemic diseases of gluttony including heart disease diabetes and cancer. Both goals by no coincidence require an immediate worldwide substitution of meat and dairy for common starches (rice corn potatoes) in the human diet."-John McDougall MD Internist Author and Researcher

"Dr. Oppenlander's important work shows how the long-term health of our planet and its inhabitants will be determined in large part by our willingness to adopt a plant-based diet en masse. In reading Food Choice and Sustainability one may find empowerment that such a simple and effective remedy can begin at our next meal." -Brian Wendel Creator and Executive Producer of Forks Over Knives

"Food Choice and Sustainability makes a powerful case for how we can protect our environment. This authoritative no-nonsense guide tells it exactly as it is."-Neal Barnard MD President Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

"We are at a critical and imminent tipping point. Food Choice and Sustainability is an impeccably documented shocking but vital wake-up call that intricately weaves food choice to the destruction of the planet offering the one and only solution: the evolution to a plant-based diet. Dr. Oppenlander's brilliant tome is a frightening yet inspiring call to arms that needs to be considered by all inhabitants of Earth."-Julieanna Hever MS RD CPT author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition and host of Veria's wellness talk show What Would Julieanna Do?

"Dr. Oppenlander's remarkable book clearly makes the case imperative: our food choices are degrading our climate exhausting our natural resources and creating monumental struggles for people in developing world nations. We must raise our awareness and make ethical and moral food choices."-Jon Stryker President and Founder Arcus Foundation