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Literature & Fiction - Contemporary

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Flying Conquistadors

ISBN: 9781635053760
Binding: Paperback
Author: Michael Scott Bertrand
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 3/28/2017

Oliver Wheelock has a new job. He's loading mailbags, feeding homing pigeons, and doing whatever it takes to get Pan American Airways off the ground. It's hard work but it's better than working at the hardware store--and maybe it's his ticket to a life of adventure. When Pan Am's owner recruits Charles Lindbergh it seems like a dream come true for Oliver. He finds himself working alongside one of his idols the kind of man he always dreamed of being. But Oliver soon learns Lindbergh is uncomfortable with fame and struggling with the adoration that greets him wherever he goes. A promotional trip takes the Pan Am team to Mexico over Mayan ruins.

At the fabled site of Chichen Itza, Oliver encounters Carnegie Institution archaeologists working to restore the ancient city and meets an artist who begins to steal his heart. But what starts out as a mission to bring attention to the fledgling aviation company soon turns perilous threatening the safety of Oliver and his companions.


Michael Scott Bertrand has been a lawyer a politico and even a high-ranking government official. But one day he happened upon a book of paintings by Frederick Catherwood an artist who explored ancient Mayan ruins in the jungles of Central America and Mexico in the 1840s. Bertrand's life would never be the same. He threw off his coat and tie made an expedition to the Yucatan and began crafting his three-part adventure epic.

Bertrand hails from Vermont. He now resides in South Florida.