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Science Fiction & Fantasy - Science Fiction

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ISBN: 9781635054736
Binding: Paperback
Author: Paul Clements
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 7/10/2018

When six-year-old Reginal Sodowsky escaped the assailants who killed his parents with not so much as a scratch it became clear that this is no ordinary child. A series of tests soon reveal that not only is Reg not ordinary-he is bionic. His skin shatters weapons and he does not feel pain. As the years go on and after feeble attempts at trying to live a normal life Reg decides to put his extraordinary powers to good. Dubbed "Flakman" for his ability to repel bullets Reg's decision to become a police officer seems like a no brainer.

Flakman's powers will soon be put to the test when a sinister villain returns to Earth from two billion years ago. Zedifi a mysterious and monstrous creature seeks to destroy all bionic life in his quest to control the world. Flakman soon becomes Zedifi's main target for once Flakman is out of the way Zedifi can use the fearsome Heleostrom weapon he created to shatter the freewill of all humankind. The fate of the world rests on Flakman's young shoulders.

Flakman is the breathtaking debut in author Paul Clements' trilogy and a superhero story that entertains excites and warms the heart.


Paul Clements obtained his undergraduate and master's degrees in geology from Oklahoma University and went on to form his own oil company in 1968 which he still operates to this day. His previously published work Homemade Murder will soon be re-published under the new title Terrorism in the Heartland. He also has four more works forthcoming including The Northern Lights Connection, Mekong Maiden of Death, Touched by the Ark and his autobiography In the Steps of a Poor Kid. You can learn more about Paul and his works at