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Family Is A Feeling: A Transracial Adoption Book for Kids

ISBN: 9781634896481
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Catherine L. Lindemann
Illustrator: Lana Lee
Pages: 36
Trim: 9 x 9 inches
Published: 02/13/2024

This picture book about adoption highlights the beauty of non-traditional families through the eyes of Leila, a young adoptee who must discover what connects families together and what it truly means to be a family.

Leila was born in China. She was adopted by amazing parents who brought her back to Minnesota. Leila is a loved member of her family. They love her, and she loves them.

Leila knows she was adopted but doesn't feel like she's adopted. Her family is all she knows.

Leila always felt like a member of her family until her friends started pointing out her differences. Leila has black hair and dark eyes, but her family has red hair and light eyes.

These differences cause Leila to feel out of place like she didn't belong.

Feeling the need to change herself to match her family, Leila's family shows her the true meaning of family and family love.

A family isn't determined by what it looks like but what it feels like.

And you make this family feel complete.

In this book about families for kids, readers will learn that family is more of a feeling than about what everyone looks like.

Written by an adoptee, Family Is A Feeling is a heart-warming, engaging picture book about adoption that will enlighten and inform readers that family is about love and acceptance.

This transracial adoption book for kids includes:

    ● An open discussion around international adoption
    ● Insight into different family structures
    ● Vivid and vibrant illustrations
    ● And, family love... lots and lots of family love.

Families come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, but one thing all families have in common is love.

Fans will find the same comfort and knowledge in this amazing story as they did in Love Makes A Family.


Catherine Lindemann is a writer, graduate student, social worker, and proud parent to three fur babies. Catherine was adopted from China when she was a baby by a loving, chaotic, loud, tall, red-haired, and eccentric family from Minnesota. Catherine has never left Minnesota since and doesn't plan on leaving any time soon. A graduate of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Catherine obtained her bachelor's in psychology. After deciding she would like to add more stress to her life, she decided to go back to the University of Minnesota but this time pursuing a graduate degree in clinical social work. Her goal is to become a child and family therapist specializing in adopted and neurodiverse individuals. In her free time, Catherine enjoys baking, hiking, playing her Nintendo Switch, and reading.