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Facing Parkinson’s (1 additional copy)

ISBN: 9780692070611
Author: Peter Scharff
Published: 6/5/2018

Facing Parkinson’s is a collection of portraits & stories of people with Parkinson’s disease.  Worldwide, 10 million people live with Parkinson’s. In the U.S. alone 60,000 people are diagnosed every year.

46 people invited the photographer into their homes and allowed him to photograph them and record their stories.  Their stories as well as the photographs reveal their spirit, creativity, pathos and even humor.  Each story is unique but there is a common thread – an acceptance of their disease and its limitations, but more importantly, a desire to bring into focus the things that matter most to them.

There are no celebrity portraits or stories inside these pages.  These are the faces of friends, neighbors, family members and their caregivers stricken with a progressive and still incurable neurological disease.

Buy a copy of Facing Parkinson’s for yourself at $50 and an additional one will be distributed free to someone with Parkinson’s.  As Kevin B. says in the book “we learn from each others stories.”


Peter Scharff is a photographer with Parkinson’s. “For me, Parkinson’s is personal. My mother has stoically dealt with it for many years and in 2015, at 63, I was diagnosed.” 

His process for dealing with the diagnosis was to connect with others and document their stories. By bearing witness he has come to a better understanding of what he is dealing with personally and has learned from and found comfort in the stories. He has also discovered how important it is for others with the disease to read these stories, which is why he feels giving the book to others with Parkinson’s is so important.

"Congratulations on achieving a masterpiece.  The stories are like Parkinson's itself - many differences & the photographs so personal.  I pray this amazing feat has helped you personally." — Phyllis

"Sitting here blubbering with your beautiful book on my lap. Bravo! The portraits are all gorgeous and incredibly moving, and the stories poignant, impactful and affecting. Hope you’re really proud of this profound contribution!" — Ellen

"Great job!! The book looks wonderful. Thanks for all the hard work and seeing this project thru to publication. We love it!" — George & Norma

"What a remarkable thing!  When people are able to channel their fears, frustrations, and disappointments into positive energy, and then commit to drawing off that energy to effect positive change in the people and the world around them, the world suddenly becomes a much better place.  I applaud you for this gift you’re providing for the many people affected by this very challenging disease." — Christopher

"My wife and I love the book!  We are going to buy some for others." — Harry

"I just received the book - really beautiful - I love the large format and layout. Congratulations on this wonderful achievement!  Great work!" — Ruth

"Your book came today so I sat down and read it cover to cover in one sitting. It packs a real emotional wallop as well as being beautifully done.  The portraits manage to reflect the pain, humor, steadfastness in each story. It is in their eyes. And in the way you photographed their eyes."  — Julie

"I know he will have heard this before but his images tell such a truthful story, the written biographies add to the depth but the portrait images speak volumes by themselves. Fantastic and real!" — John

"I really like the way it personalizes the people affected- very compelling. I think it will be very effective as a way of helping the general public understand the range of symptoms, difficulties and emotions that those with PD go through." — Hugh