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#EXTRAOrdinary: Ride the Waves & Share Your Story

ISBN: 9781634892322
Binding: Paperback
Author: Carleen Matts-Behrends
Pages: 216
Trim: 8 x 10 inches
Published: 7/9/2019

Oh, Starshine. We know. We know you.

We know what you’re trying to pull off on four hours of sleep and a whole lot of dry shampoo.

We know about all the chasing around you’re doing to get that one more thing for the event you really don’t want to go to because you have to wear grown-up pants.

We know about your to-do list (you know, the one where you add things like “breathe” and cross them off just to feel good about accomplishing something).

We know all about your “personal summers” and the secret stash of chocolate chips in the back of the cupboard (we promise, we won’t tell a soul).

We know you want. Some. Alone. Time. Just. This. Once. We know because we’ve been there too.

Through stories, conversations, photos, and journaling, we will help you ride the waves and share your story. Grab your skis—let’s GO!


Carleen and Lisa are socially minded friends, moms, and educators from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota. They “orbited” each other for several years before realizing that they actually shared a brain and had lived parallel lives, for better and for worse. #EXTRAOrdinary is their first book, and they are mighty pleased about it.