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Encounters of a World-Traveling Scientist: A Spiritual Scientist Discovers New Realities

ISBN: 9781948192019
Binding: Paperback
Author: Stanley Randolf
Pages: 286
Trim: 6” x 9.25” inches
Published: 6/15/2020

More exciting journeys into the known and the unknown from a spiritual perspective – highly unusual from a brilliant, scientific mind. You will learn the truth about World War II, and how World War III nearly happened, and would have destroyed Hawaii instantly. Find out how aliens control our world, though most of us never see them, and discover ancient mysteries in plain sight.

Stanley Randolf (pen name), M.Sc., a master biochemist, has traveled to over fifty countries and has been around the world fourteen times! He’s conducted seminars and given lectures worldwide explaining how probiotic science can treat disease, reduce pollution, and improve food production. Stan lives in the Minneapolis area with his wife and various family members including a dog, parrot, three reptiles and an aquarium filled with tropical fish from the Amazon River.

All of his stories are based on true experience. Stan has a Masters of Science degree in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin and 26 U.S. patents for his inventions in the biochemistry field.


“Exciting explanations of what was once considered meta-science are presented in several of the stories. These are contrasted with trips to Africa, China, and beyond.” --William Wong, PhD, Food Scientist

 “I enjoyed how the author mixed his fishing and travel experiences with aspects of the alien presence—which is not so crazy anymore!”  --  Lee Ramsey, Physics Professor, Cape Town, South Africa                 

“Great read! All of the stories move fast—as if you are right there with the author.” --  June Perkins, Marketing Consultant, Singapore