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Don't Sleep With Him Yet: A Badass Guide to Dating in 10 Empowering Steps

ISBN: 9781545651766
Binding: Paperback
Author: Dr. Nancy Lee
Pages: 260
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 6/4/2019

Any woman who's had her heart broken by a promising new partner or who has fumbled through a casual hookup will relate to Don't Sleep with Him Yet, a much-needed, groundbreaking book written by Beverly Hills clinical psychologist Dr. Nancy Lee. Having helped countless women with every dating and relationship issue imaginable (and then some), Dr. Lee clearly demonstrates how to let go of self-doubt to finally find the fulfilling romantic relationship you desire and deserve. Completely in step with today's oftentimes confusing sexual landscape, this no-nonsense, go-to guide is filled with intimate stories and thoroughly researched revelations including:

• How to turn up the chemistry with someone you’re interested in, including what flirting does for the brain
• How and where to meet “good” men, and exactly which men to avoid
• The real reasons guys bail on you—from first date forward
• Why you and your male BFF may be predisposed to fall in love
• How to deal with the pressure to sleep with a guy you are dating before you’re ready

Awaken your “inner badass”: stand your ground while you do you. In the process you’ll attract men, enjoy romance and ultimately realize true emotional intimacy. And that’s just for starters.

Don’t Sleep with Him Yet covers topics ranging from the murky area of sexual consent, to what constitutes great sex for you both (including when to say “yes”). You’ll also discover what drives the psychological allure of the unavailable, why players quickly get bored with a woman after sex, and how narcissistic men use emotional manipulation to keep their partners down. It’s not just about finding a partner that truly values you, but about being happier within; Dr. Lee’s life lessons are as empowering as they are practical.


Nancy F. Lee, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice in Beverly Hills, California. Her warm approach, incisive insights, and unique blend of clinical and academic expertise earned her the 2015 Vitals Patients’ Choice Award. Interpersonal relationships, affective and anxiety disorders, and psychosexual health are among her practice's focus areas. Outside of her practice, Dr. Lee frequently leads student forums covering a broad scope of psychosocial issues such as hookup culture, dating violence, and high risk drinking, among others, at local universities, including UCLA. In addition, Dr. Lee has served on Claremont McKenna College’s Personal and Social Responsibility Title IX and Sexual Assault Committee since its (pre-#MeToo) inception approximately five years ago. As such, she has helped draft and implement campus sexual assault prevention, education, and intervention practices. A handpicked advisory board member of Career Up Now, Dr. Lee also mentors students and recent graduates of USC, UCLA, and California State University, Northridge (CSUN). Dr. Lee has contributed to KNBC, FOX, KTTV, and Metro News, and is a frequent consultant to the Los Angeles Times. Lee received her doctorate at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas--Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in behavioral medicine at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, California. She is married with two sons. 

“What Lean In did for women in business, Don’t Sleep with Him Yet will do for women in dating. A game-changer.” --Jennifer Kaufman, bestselling author of Literacy and Longing in LA; former Los Angeles Times staff writer

“Displaying unusual intelligence and wit, Don’t Sleep with Him Yet stands alone as a wonderfully inspiring, badass and kick-ass 'Cosmopolitan meets cool professor!' By far the best self-help book I’ve read in years.” --Katie Stein, copy editor

“Completely in step with #Me Too, this book has not only taught me how to identify emotional blackmail, but also how to stop it. Read this book and then pass it along to your ex.” --Grace Kim, graduate neuroscience studies

“Lacing her account with eye-opening anecdotes, wisdom and wry humor, Dr. Nancy Lee draws on extensive experience with patients as well as an impressive command of serious research across fields ranging from evolutionary psychology to neuroscience. Lee skillfully presents a savvy psychologist’s insider knowledge as to how men’s minds work, lending timeless truths a current spin that will benefit millennials, Gen Xers and boomers alike. What’s more, Dr. Lee explains how after yielding to social pressures to behave too much like men, many women are presently experiencing, as Lee puts it, 'hookup fatigue.' Offering hands-on, invaluable tips, this book seamlessly integrates long-established ways of seeking committed partners, such as the ever-successful blind date, with the latest developments in online dating and expensive matchmaking services. ‘Dignity, self-respect and choice set the tone for all-new female-centric dating.’ A must-read for anyone looking for love.” --Dr. Robert Martin, author of How We Do It: The Evolution and Future of Human Reproduction; adjunct professor University of Chicago, Northwestern University, and University of Illinois at Chicago; Emeritus Curator, Field Museum

“Smart, practical, fun to read, badass as promised. Drawing on her extensive research and experience in the field, Dr. Lee breaks it down for all of us who can’t seem to get dating right and teaches us how to empower ourselves.” --Nina Sadowsky, author of the romantic thrillers Just Fall and The Burial Society

“As a psychotherapist devoted to helping people improve relationship quality, I highly recommend Dr. Nancy Lee’s book for anyone seeking a fulfilling romantic connection. I was especially impressed by Lee’s practical examples of communications ranging from flirty texts to those dreaded 'What are we?' talks. Dr. Lee cuts right to the chase of what’s important. Her advice won’t just optimize your single life—rather, it will profoundly transform it.” --Bernard Natelson, MBA, PsyD, ABMP, author of Optimizing Your Single Life: The Lost Art of Communication

“All my girlfriends tell me how 'lucky' I am to be engaged to my amazing fiancé. But it has nothing to do with luck. If it weren’t for Dr. Lee, I’d still be kissing some narcissistic jerk-guy’s butt—with nothing to show for it. Dr. Lee nails which guys to avoid at all costs. Read her book.” --Ashley S., luxury concierge services

“If you want to stop the cycle of heartbreak and find and keep a long-term partner whose goal is to make you happy, read this book!” --Sam Lewis, author of Don't Be an Idiot: The Pyramid of Marital Success

“Finally! A book that doesn’t sugarcoat what’s happening out there in the dating jungle. Most of all, Dr. Lee really wakes you up as to why we women keep settling for crumbs. (The patient with the porn-addicted boyfriend could have been me.) My only regret is that I didn’t have Don’t Sleep with Him Yet ten years ago, it would have spared me a lot of headaches and heartache.” --Jessica B., kindergarten teacher

“Dr. Nancy Lee’s book has given me the knowledge and tools I needed to put myself back out there after a really nasty divorce. It’s hard to believe I’m actually enjoying myself now, including an involvement with a loving, generous man. Thank you, Dr. Lee, for writing this badass book!” --Olivia M., wealth management

“Dr. Nancy Lee calls out some hard truths about casual hookups that nobody else seems willing to face. As a sexual assault survivor (committed by a 'friend' my freshman year of college) I can personally attest that her discussion about the 'New Rape Culture' is both brilliant and brave, spot on, compassionate. Most of all, it’s immensely healing.” --Sarah A., law student

“Well-written and honest, this book relates to any woman from teens on up who has ever shoved aside her own
true needs and desires just to 'fit in' or accommodate a guy.” --Lucy K., high school guidance counselor

Don’t Sleep with Him Yet will turn your life around—whether you’re single, straight or gay.” --Danielle L., advertising executive

“Sexy, edgy and often laugh-aloud-funny, Don’t Sleep with Him Yet takes a scary dating scene and turns it on its head. This book has given me more stiletto power than any knockout shoes ever could. Loved the chapter on women’s relation to beauty and the really great tips!” --Raquel Richards, model