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Decoding the Growth Gene: An Expert Guide to Sustainably Scaling Your Business

ISBN: 9781634899505
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Kanchan Chavan
Pages: 324
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 03/12/2024

In this business leadership book, global marketing and sales consultant Kanchan Chavan shares his best practices for scaling your business for commercial excellence.

There are predictable patterns for how to grow your business—and with expert strategies and insight, business owners can learn to identify and solve them.

In Decoding the Growth Gene, high-level consulting that was once only available to multi-million-dollar corporations is now accessible to leaders at every level. From entrepreneurs and small business owners to managers and C suite executives, this guide breaks down the seemingly unrelated elements that drive profitable business growth and extraordinary results.

Kanchan Chavan has spent over two decades advising companies ranging from start-ups and mid-market businesses to Fortune 500 companies like PepsiCo, Conagra, and Kellogg's. He believes in providing clear guideposts to make work effective and rewarding, and his client experience is proof that professional and personal fulfillment grow in sync.

In Decoding the Growth Gene, Kanchan breaks down complex concepts usually found in MBA programs with storytelling and client examples, infusing curiosity and creativity into the drier elements of the business world.

Learn to improve your organization by:

  • establishing your business identity,
  • transforming the customer experience,
  • overhauling route-to-market structures,
  • embracing integrated journeys with the digital world, and
  • optimizing pricing and trade spend while increasing profits year after year.

Whether you're an entrepreneur working through your first profit-and-loss statement, a third-generation owner navigating how to lead your family business to a new level, or a division head tasked with overhauling the revenue growth strategy, Decoding the Growth Gene is the perfect guidebook for business success.

With small steps and changes, discover how to stimulate intellectual curiosity, grow revenues profitably, and inspire enduring change.


Kanchan Chavan has spent over two decades advising more than one hundred companies, ranging from start-ups and mid-market businesses to Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi Co, Conagra, and Kellogg's. A Harvard Business School graduate, Kanchan is adept at leveraging his diverse background in general management, strategy consulting, and entrepreneurship to bring practical ideas to life. He is based in the Twin Cities where he currently heads Growth Consulting as a Managing Partner at Circana.