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Death Therapy: Benefitting From Near-Death Experiences Without the Inconvenience of Dying

ISBN: 9781545644171
Author: Michael Crossley
Published: 1/15/2019

The near-death experience is a life-changing event. Survivors of near-death return to earth secure in the knowledge that consciousness endures in a world even more real than this one. They speak of visiting a place of indescribable beauty and of being engulfed by a love that defies description. Upon their return, survivors are not the same person they were before their NDE. They are more tolerant and kind. They seek to emulate the love they felt on the other side. Almost all lose their fear of death. As wonderful and as life-changing as these experiences are however, they've only been experienced by 5% of the population... which leaves the rest of us out in the cold. But we don't have to remain in the cold. As I was reading about the changes in the lives of NDE survivors, it occurred to me that their stories were having an effect on me too. Just by reading about them, I discovered that I was subtly changing for the better. It was becoming a little easier to be tolerant and understanding. Patience and forgiveness were coming more readily. I was slowly losing my fear of death. And that's when I had an epiphany: if an NDE can transform a life, maybe I can make some much-needed changes in my life too... but without having to go through the trauma of dying! I realized that I don't have to die to learn from those who have! That's the essence of Death Therapy: benefitting from the near-death experiences of others without the inconvenience of dying ourselves! So join me in therapy: Death Therapy! It's a guaranteed cure!


Dr. Michael Crossley is an avid student of the near-death experience. While he hasn't personally had an NDE, he's no stranger to suffering and death, having spent three decades in busy ERs, treating every emergency imaginable, (and unimaginable). He's seen the anguish of a mother who backed her car over her own child; the despair of a teenager who destroyed her esophagus with bleach in a botched suicide attempt. His experiences have taught him that people fear death mainly because they are afraid of what comes next. But it doesn't have to be so. It's the author's conviction that learning about the next life can be profoundly therapeutic... hence this book. Dr. Crossley grew up in Britain. He's a competent ER physician with a wife, four children and twelve grandchildren. In his spare time he's an incompetent carpenter, runner, pilot, bagpiper, and aspiring author. Death Therapy is his first book.