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Daingerfield Island

ISBN: 9798985830729
Binding: Paperback
Author: John Wasowicz
Pages: 248
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 5/9/2022

''Wasowicz's promising legal thriller series launch introduces savvy Washington, D.C., defense attorney Elmo Katz. Elmo is retained by Nate Harding, who the police believe was involved in the drowning of Libby Lewis, the chief of staff for the Senate Intelligence Committee, who was found floating in the Potomac River near Daingerfield Island. But Elmo doesn't know that Harding has been working with a shady CIA operative, Jack Smith, who planned to lure a lone wolf terrorist into a trap on the island with Lewis's help. Lewis was going to pass him a flash drive that ostensibly contained details to facilitate a hit on a 'flamboyant Arabian sheik,' but that daring covert operation went awry. Smith convinces Harding to offer himself up as a temporary murder suspect, to give Smith a chance to cover his tracks and to develop a new plan to catch the terrorist. Elmo must look beyond his new client s questionable representation to learn the truth about the congressional staffer's death. Wasowicz's experience as a trial attorney is put to good use in courtroom scenes, and he's equally adept with action sequences.''  ​​​​​- BookLife/Publishers Weekly

John Adam Wasowicz is an attorney who lives in the Mount Vernon area of Fairfax County, VA, near Old Town Alexandria. He began his career as a legislative aide to the late great Edward W. Brooke from his home state of Massachusetts. After earning a law degree from Catholic University in the District, Wasowicz served as an Assistant Commonwealth Attorney in Arlington, VA. He departed that position to earn an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School and then entered private practice in Virginia, handling criminal defense, family law, and civil matters. He is a former president of the Fairfax Bar Association and a retired Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy Reserve, where he served as an intelligence officer. Since 2005, Wasowicz has practiced law in the public sector. He began the Old Town Mystery Series in 2017. He is married and has three adult sons. In 2022, he began publishing The Old Town Mystery Series under his own print, Alendron Publishing Co. LLC.

"Daingerfield Island is a splendid first novel, a legal-political thriller that grabs your attention on the first page and keeps it throughout. John Wasowicz gives this book an excellent sense of place, with details of Northern Virginia and D.C. that paint a picture but don't distract. Well done."  - Paul E. Fletcher, editor in chief

"Daingerfield Island is a top-notch political thriller that moves with breakneck speed!"  - Meaghan Beasley, marketing manager

"In Daingerfield Island, John Wasowicz has surmounted it first time out of the gate. Elmo Katz, the defense lawyer who has to take divorce work to survive, something the principled Philip Marlowe won't do, accepts the defense of a murder suspect with ties to the CIA who might in turn be involved in a much larger national security scenario, all of which turns on a random piece of evidence recovered by a random passerby at an apparent murder scene. It's a masterfully plotted page-turner in the grand manner of detective fiction, so well done in fact, that what seems obvious really isn't,even when you've correctly identified the clues, and that is no small accomplishment."  -  David Clark