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Dagger Dagger #1: A Blood-Fi Comic Book Anthology

ISBN: 9780578751696
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 262
Trim: 8 x 10 inches
Published: 1/4/2021

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Dagger Dagger is a pulpy anthology magazine size (8"x10") comic book with over 260 Pages of Dark Fantasy/Sci-fi goodness bringing together an unstoppable force of creators, including Al Gofa (Dark Angels of Darkness), Matt Emmons(Gardener), Maxime Gérin (Ensemble), Linnea Staerte (Stages of Rot), Sloan Leong (Prism Stalker), Matt Lesniewksi (Crimson Flower), Tyler Landry (Shit and Piss), Leslie Hung (Snotgirl),  Simon Roy (Habitat), Artyom Trakhanov (First Knife), Tyler Landry (Shit and Piss), Alexis Ziritt (Space Riders), Zé Burnay (Andromeda) and Marie Enger (Invader Zim). Also featuring Sophie Margolin, Goran Gligovic and Artem Dumov.

Why Dagger Dagger? Because single dagger fights are out of fashion; we’ve seen them again and again and while they’ve inspired us, it’s now time to fight with two daggers, for double the blood! Dagger Dagger is the first and best Blood-Fi Anthology you will ever come across.

We proudly dedicate this collection of Sci-Fantasy short comics to the greats of the genre and their readers, to whom we hope to deliver something exciting. Put your weapons down for a second and let us tell you a few stories...


Al Gofa and Matt Emmons are comic book artists who love to make books. Together they thought they could make a book with some of their favorite artists.