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Customer Experience Management

ISBN: 9781934690956
Binding: Paperback
Author: Nihat Tavşan Ph.D. and Can Erdem PhD.
Pages: 300
Trim: 6.25 x 9 inches
Published: 5/15/2018

We are passing through a paradigm shift and surviving in this upcoming paradigm doesn't seem possible through traditional marketing and management strategies. Today being brand is not a privilege any more there are dozens of reliable brands almost in every industry. But still businesses need to differentiate and outperform the competition but how?

The concept of Customer Experience is the ideal solution for any company that wants to sustain differentiation foster customer loyalty and secure financial growth. By expertly managing the Customer Experience you CAN warm the hearts of your customers win their loyalty and outperform the competition in a fresh unique way.

The eye-opening book from Dr. Erdem and Dr. Tavşan: Customer Experience Management: How to Design Integrate Measure and Lead breaks down exactly what Customer Experience is and how to manage it through world-class methodologies. Anyone can start applying this step-by-step walkthrough immediately and grow base of loyal customers and secure more financial growth.

Did you know? In 2017 in collaboration with Dr. Erdem Dr. Tavşan designed a "Customer Experience Management" curriculum as a Bologna-accredited graduate level course and became the pioneering academician lecturer on "Customer Experience Management" as a standalone course.

After around a 20-year career as a marketing practitioner and executive Dr. Nihat Tavşan earned an Executive MBA degree and based his Ph. D. thesis on his cutting-edge "Customer Experience Management" concept. He contributed to the creation of numerous corporate and business level "macro to micro" strategic plans and worked with companies to set them up. Dr. Tavşan has conducted a wealth of research studies on critical components of Customer Experience such as Customer Retention Segmentation Brand Loyalty and Customer Satisfaction. His expertise in Consumer Behavior Organizational Transformation and Data Science as well as his development of advanced quantitative and qualitative methods models and actionable deep algorithms related to Customer Experience Management.


"This book is a great example of taking CX theory from the start of CX time to the practical delivery. There is always a battle in larger organization to see the value of CX as not always are the tangible benefits seen straight away. Nihat and Can have shown clear links to people strategy within organizations and how CX needs to be led from both bottom up and top down. The book is laid out well and is easy to use as reference point for various parts of CX strategy with easy call outs of &lsquoTakeaway's' making deciphering CX more actionable." - Paul Richardson Head of Design &amp Measurement Customer Experience HSBC

"This book is an exhaustive tool-kit to enable the Customer Experience practitioners and academicians to distill abstract thoughts &amp concepts of CEM into actionable insights to craft discernible experiences as the holy grail of experiential differentiation for achieving competitive advantage. Keep this book on your desk for your customer's sake." -- Vivek Anand Director Customer Experience General Motors

"The book is the best effort I've seen at showing how to build a comprehensive customer experience management roadmap that has the right level of guidance along with the necessary flexibility to help any organization build and/or improve their customer-facing competency." -Jason Bradshaw Chief Customer Officer Volkswagen Group &amp Keynote Speaker

"An in-depth exploration of 'Customer Experience Management' paired with practical and key takeaways that will enable you to have a laser-like focus on developing and embedding your programmatic work." - Tom Love Head of Customer Experience Dropbox

"A wonderful collection of relevant questions with sharp answers such that readers of all levels can easily take away crisp learnings." - Hazım Ellialtı Former Board Member Unilever & Founder Ellialtı Executive Consulting

"I learned so much and gained so much clarity about what I've been up to during my 20-year career understanding and delivering great customer experiences from this book. Tavşan and Erdem's Customer Experience Management is a definitive source from historical theoretical and practical viewpoints. This book will give you customer experience management super powers and I know I will keep it close at hand as a frequent reference for years to come. Alignment with customer's wants needs and perceptions takes a disciplined approach and Tavşan and Erdem's thoughtful analysis and research coupled with their comprehensive model offers the most comprehensive roadmap for success I have ever seen." - Robin Beers PhD Head of Customer Insights &amp Digital Experience Design Wells Fargo

"A guide to understand activate and continually improve customer experiences for any business and any discipline. Real global examples and poignant 'takeaways' make this an engaging and instructive read. A superb outside-in approach to modern holistic experience design for any business." - Mike Derocher Director 3D Print Experience Design Hewlett Packard

"With Customer Experience Management Drs. Tavşan and Erdem provide a comprehensive approach to the rise of the Experience Era. Blending both academic depth and practical takeaways Customer Experience Management will serve as your guide to understanding what CX is and how you can create great CX at your company." - Rick Denton Director Customer Experience and Program Management Capital One

"A truly engaging book that takes you through the journey of customer experience management and clearly explains the methodologies you can apply/use to by bringing them to life." - Ed Pugh Customer Experience Designer Vodafone Group Enterprise