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Nonfiction - Crime

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CSI OLD SCHOOL -- Reconstructing Nightmares

ISBN: 9781545603642
Binding: Paperback
Author: Jodi Barth
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 8/22/2017

Unapologetically honest and unflinchingly emotional CSI Old School follows the true story of the Illinois state police's first female crime scene investigator.

In a time before such advanced forensic processes as DNA analysis and automated fingerprint comparison crime scene investigators had to rely on their own cunning and professional skills with minimum help from technology. In the late 1970s one of the few who made the cut into the Illinois state police's elite CSI team -- and the first ever woman to boot -- was a relatively unknown deputy coroner named Jodi Orsini. When the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself Jodi jumped at the chance to experience more than county death investigations -- and once she accepted a job with the CSI her life would never be the same.

As Jodi's career progresses so too do her personal challenges in a quickly evolving professional landscape. She must contend daily with overcoming fears of self-doubt as a woman encroaching on a traditionally male-dominated field while facing the relentless tragedies of strangers and the harrowing reality of some cases that if she failed may never be solved. If she is to survive in the field Jodi must steel her resolve and learn to separate herself and her technical skills from the living nightmares occurring around her.

CSI Old School is a callback to the days before the glamor when investigators got their hands dirty and one trailblazing woman's journey into the oftentimes dark world of crime scene investigation.


Jodi Barth has over 30 years of experience in law enforcement and investigations throughout the United States and Canada. After her start as the first female crime scene investigator for the Illinois Department of Law Enforcement she rose through the sworn ranks of law enforcement to Detective Sergeant and ultimately Detective Division Commander. She eventually transitioned to the private sector as a licensed private investigator and an internal fraud investigator for a global commercial insurance company. Now retired from law enforcement and investigations Jodi lives with her husband in North Carolina.