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Conquering Life’s Stage Fright: Three Steps to Top Performance

ISBN: 9780996659406
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Mark Schulman
Pages: 160
Trim: 8.5 x 9 inches
Published: 7/1/2015

Mark Schulman has performed for more than a billion people in his 27-year career as the drummer for some of the greatest can immediately employ to transform anxieties related to any type of presentation, communication or performance into a confident world- class performance

Mark Schulman
has performed for more than a billion people in his 28-year career. He’s been the drummer for some of the greatest musical artists in history, including P!nk, Foreigner, Cher, Billy Idol, Stevie Nicks, Simple Minds, Beyoncé, Tina Turner, Velvet Revolver, Dave Koz and many more. In Conquering Life’s Stage Fright, through entertaining stories and innovative exercises, Mark reveals three core concepts that you can immediately employ to transform your anxieties — no matter what type of presentation, communication or performance is causing them — into a confident, world-class performance.

“He was literally amazing. Hands down the best keynote we’ve ever had.Well…you made me look like a hero again, this time for recommending you to The New YorkTech Summit. Their meeting planner emailed me this note regarding your appearance yesterday: “He was literally amazing. Hands down the best keynote we’ve ever had. On top of it all he’s just an a great guy. He spent the entire day (and night) with us. Spoke to and took photos with every attendee that approached him. He even jumped in and performed at our attendee party with our corporate rock band. This is going to be hard to top next year, so start thinking!!!


“But now my job is that much harder for them next year as you have set the bar VERY high. This was extremely high praise considering some of the past speakers I have booked for this organization: POW Charlie Plumb, Travelocity & Kayak founder Terry Jones, best-selling author/TV personality Larry Winget, and astronaut Rick Searfoss…all of whom are outstanding speakers! Thanks again for going above and beyond to ensure a successful event! Now if I can only figure out how to clone you…

Our presentation of A.B.C. (Attitude Behavior Consequence) caused a real shift in my thought process. I had been conditioned to believe that we have to change our behavior first. Now I realize that with an analysis and improvement of my team’s attitude, I can predict their behavior and better control the outcome of my projects. This is a very valuable tool. Thanks so much Mark!” —Matt Bernsteinn CISCO Systems

“I’ve had the opportunity to see Mark Schulman’s keynote on two different occasions and each time came away inspired to think and act differently. By integrating music, visuals and a powerful speaking style, Mark is a unique performer in a world of talking heads. In one instance, I saw him convince a group of local government employees to form a drum line, leading to some real a-ha moments about team work and collaboration.

I would heartily recommend him for any corporate or association event that wants to bring in someone that can “shake things up” and give solid take away value at the same time.”—Tim Sanders, Chief Solutions Officer, YAHOO!, Best Selling Author “Love is the Killer App” 

“Mark Schulman literally rocked our world at the GameHorizon Conference June 2010, with a session that invigorated, entertained and left the audience ready to tackle anything. I am recommending Mark to other conferences and think his inspirational and high- energy session would be a bonus for any event, team building session or conference. Contact him soon before the word spreads far and wide.” —Carri Cunliffe, Conference Director, GameHorizon Conference.

“Mark was a great choice and I left the meeting feeling very motivated for life in general. GREAT JOB ;-)” —Angela English, Human Resources Generalist

“This is a world-class talent with a world-class message.” —Jim Samuels, Ph.D, Author, Re-Mind Yourself

“Mark Schulman takes ‘fake it till you make it’ to a whole new level. As a professional drummer for some of the world’s most iconic musical artists, he’s understandably had more than his fair share of stage fright. However, his revealing self-help book — which is made even juicier with a dozen celebrity-peppered examples — describes the tie that binds us all as humans: anxiety. Usually associated with job interviews and public speaking, he proves that everyone from rockstars and pro athletes, to firefighters and heart surgeons, suffers from a ubiquitous sense of stage fright. His ‘three Cs’ method for overcoming this feeling — clarity, capability, and confidence – can turn any nerve-breaking situation into an opportunity for success. His introspective book is a how-to guide for channeling your inner rockstar. —Marc Cenedella, Founder & Executive Chairman

“Okay, so who has more legit cred on how to conquer life’s stage fright than the dude who’s performed in front of a billion people worldwide? When every gig feels like an audition, only Mark Schulman in this fresh, approachable in-your-face book, equips you to harness the best of “what’s in here” to bring your absolute unbridled best to everyone and everything “out there.” —Paul G. Stoltz, Ph.D., Best Selling Author Adversity Quotient

“Mark hits all the right marks with his book! When he does a speaking presentation, He takes time to customize his program for each audience. His energy is infectious and his information valuable. He really makes each person in the audience feel like he is talking to them individually. Mark is interactive, has high energy and he will not disappoint!” —Maureen Brooks President Brooks International Speakers and Entertainment Bureau

“The colleagues have not stopped raving about you – the material & your message!” —Ed Albies, Retail Operations, Johnson & Johnson

“I didn’t expect that Mark Schulman would have much direct relevance for Proposal Managers and Sales Operations but…When I first heard about the keynote speaker for Connect16, I thought he might have some interesting anecdotes from the music industry, which was appropriate for a conference in Nashville. I didn’t expect that Mark Schulman would have much direct relevance for Proposal Managers and Sales Operations but he brilliantly adapted his experiences as a rock drummer to provide some fascinating insights. He talked about being the backline of the band that supports the rock star to deliver a world-class performance and I think this really resonated with the audience, who are the backline that enable our Sales “rock stars” are able to perform at their best.” —Kaitlyn Myers Qvidian

“Mark Schulman is the quintessential consummate pro; he can do anything and everything and he does so with a smile on his face and a wonderful, nurturing heart. His infectious positive attitude is a huge asset to all those around him. Putting Mark in a room or a stage or a studio is a guarantee that not only will the music be on the very highest order, but that all those involved in the project will be relaxed, filled with confidence and have a great time. He’s like a walking ray of sunshine. Oh, and he plays his ASS off too!” —Dave Koz, Grammy Winning Artist, Producer

“Dear Mark--I have struggled for several days to write to you, as I wanted to honestly capture and share with you the response from my staff concerning your presentation. I have finally concluded that words are not sufficient. You captured their hearts, motivated and inspired--but even more, you honored them by your willingness to participate. We are unaccustomed to such generosity and recognition of our efforts. You are truly a special person and we thank you for making us feel special.” —David L. White President, YAP

“Just wanted to say thanks for the time you spent with us, massive inspiration and help. Good to see you’re giving back to others and making a difference. All the Optus crew will be talking about it for a long time! Plus you freaking rock on the drums! Cheers”—Matt Pedler, OPTUS Pacesetters Sales Convention

“Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, and for spending your time with our team! It was a really special evening for us but you made it a night that we will never forget!!! Thanks again— wishing you all the best!” —Rhonda F. Kulhanek oOh! Media

“I wanted to thank you personally for giving your time to City of Salisbury. The feedback from the session has been nothing but positive. I have received a number of emails since Wednesday from staff thanking me for providing them with the opportunity to hear you speak. They have taken away a number of key points from the session. The ABC concept is one that I personally use myself but the way you communicated it to staff was so engaging and interesting that it allowed staff from all walks of life and different backgrounds to understand how they can apply it to their lives. I personally loved the story about learning to say ‘I get to’ rather than ‘I have to’. It is so simple yet so powerful and is something I will personally use myself. There was a buzz in the organisation for the rest of the week which has been so positive and a fabulous support for our positive culture program. So thank you so much for your presentation and I will absolutely recommend you as a speaker to my colleagues and friends.” —Michelle Holland, Manager, People and Culture City of Salisbury, South Australia

“Thank you again the passion and caring that you put into the sessions with our teams. They are still reflecting on the positive experience and how they enjoyed the time with you.” —Robert Parcell, Managing Director Optus Business

“Through experience, interviews, and anecdotes, Mark Schulman provides insight into the mindset and skillsets that can be used to break through the barriers to success and beyond. Conquering Life’s Stage Fright can help with expanding the human potential in the workplace as well as achieving greater purpose and happiness in life itself.” —Tony Hsieh, NY Times Best Selling Author “Delivering Happiness,” CEO of