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Connecting with the One Consciousness: Spiritual Awakening, Mystical Sufism, and the Lessons of Mohammad Ali Taheri

ISBN: 9781634895651
Binding: Paperback
Author: Sheida White
Pages: 368
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 11/01/2022

In the tradition of Eckhart Tolle and in harmony with the wisdom of mystical Sufism, this spiritual book calls on the lessons of Mohammad Ali Taheri to explore how tapping into the One Consciousness can help answer life's greatest questions.

In this guide to spiritual awakening, literacy scholar Sheida White melds the essential teachings of Mohammad Ali Taheri with her own insights and personal experiences to guide readers toward enlightenment.

As a native Farsi speaker, White communicates the significance and complexity of her culture's spiritual teachings in a clear, warm, and conversational way.

Connecting with the One Consciousness offers a unified theory of consciousness—the origin of the physical universe, the process from which all reality flows. Connection with that process leads to joy and spontaneous acts of compassion.

With a welcoming blend of the secular and sacred, discover how to:

  • cultivate a deeper understanding of enlightenment or spiritual perfection,
  • become less reactive to unsettling circumstances,
  • experience greater joy, creativity, gratitude, and inner calm,
  • create a kinder, more peaceful, and unified world, and
  • become an opening for positive vibrations to flow through.

An ideal fit for book clubs, this book contains fifty-five discussion questions to encourage reflection and integration.

Tap into the realm of the One Consciousness, where your real power lies.


Sheida White was born in Tehran, Iran. She is a spiritual seeker, author, and literacy scholar with a Ph.D. from Georgetown University. She directed five high-profile national assessments of literacy at the US Department of Education until her retirement in 2018. Her books and peer-reviewed journal articles in the field of literacy have been cited by scholars across the globe. Sheida's memoir, Taking off from Tehran, shares her story of being a young immigrant with limited means—but abundant human spirit.

Sheida is a ballroom dance champion—but is most interested in the dance between the sacred and the secular, as she describes in her guide to spiritual enlightenment, Connecting with the One Consciousness. Inspired by the teachings of Mohammad Ali Taheri, this book imparts a simple yet profound message: we are all part of the grand symphony of the One Consciousness, conducted by the Divine Intelligence.