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Compete and Empower

ISBN: 9781592983063
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Brian Sear
Pages: 248
Published: 6/1/2006

Why has prosperity for all been an elusive dream?

Because we have failed to build great societies and nations. For 7 000 years leaders of our societies have used the doctrine of Conquer and Oppress to rule our nations. This book will describe for you a new doctrine that Brian Sear calls Compete and Empower. This doctrine is based on overcoming the pitiful performances of world leaders that have caused 5.5 billion of the world's population to live in poverty.

You will discover that the human race as individual contributors has evolved to be survivors of the fittest to compete with honor and to be self reliant. Man has learned about creation the origins of space the physics of the universe evolution science technology the human body and the human spirit. The results have been profound. Human beings have invented developed and produced products and services that have raised the wealth of the planet for some but not all.

Compete and Empower is a refreshing book looking at the greatness of America the contribution of our Founding Fathers to all mankind and the courage of our citizens who have invested blood and treasure to benefit the world we live in.


Brian Sear is an investor in emerging country businesses and early stage ventures. He is a member of the Sierra Angels and is president of VenRaD LLC. a venture research and development consultancy founded by him in 1985. Sear brings a unique perspective to strategy that can solve the polarization holding America back from its destiny.

Sear said "Starting as a fresh new immigrant in 1960 I have been an observer of and participant in the American miracle for 50 years. After traveling to China in 2007 I decided to dedicate my time to publishing and speaking out on new ideas about American leadership.

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