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Communicating with Grace: The Awakening of a Psychic Medium

ISBN: 9780976705451
Published: 5/1/2006

A captivating journey that draws the reader into the world of family and memory life death and the beyond through humor and grief with riveting adventure and powerful introspection.


Susan Anderson's Communicating with Grace shares a personal story in a way that makes it relevant for the reader regardless of personal beliefs. Written in an approachable style it shares the story of Susan's personal journey from her first vision of her brother's death to finding acceptance and ownership of her own power. This journey will touch everybody in some way - perhaps it will spark an awakening bring back a memory raise a question an affirmation or simply bring a smile laugh or a tear or two.

Anderson’s struggle to master her psychic abilities is a road map for anybody wishing to own their own power and live a fuller more spiritual life.