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Coloring the Rainbow: A Story about the Power of Connection

ISBN: 9781643436371
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Catherine Rose
Illustrator: Jeffrey Dale
Pages: 32
Trim: 8.5 x 11 inches
Published: 08/08/2023

Coloring the Rainbow: The Power of Connection tells a story of the magic created when the unique talents of a diverse group of children are shared in a colorful adventure.

The adventure begins when we see through a boy's window to find a young trombonist, pausing his practicing, to wonder if other musical voices exist. When an alluring treble note wafts through his window, he begins an excited quest to find the answer. Playing his horn through his neighborhood, the boy draws other curious children to play their unique instruments along with him.

Together, they played:
"Lend your voice, play your part!
Something grand is beginning—
join us for the start!"

The procession of music makers is touched with magic when their combined voices, raised in harmony, orchestrate a colorful miracle.

The ease of poetry and vibrant illustrations make this book a perfect keepsake for any gift-giver wishing to explore the values of diversity and inclusion with young, loved ones.


Catherine Rose is enjoying that time of life when one thinks about creating a legacy. What are the lessons learned from living this adventure called life that would benefit the health and well-being of generations to follow?

As a pediatric nurse with advanced degrees in public health and holistic nursing, Catherine began writing therapeutic stories to empower children to cope effectively with illness or injury. Her present stories weave tales that continue to support children to become the best versions of themselves: confident, resilient, and empathic.

She writes from the back porch of her log home, inspired by the backdrop of Mount Jefferson in North Carolina. Married to her high school sweetheart, she enjoys being on perpetual recess with her two grandchildren, who love having a story read to them, particularly one written by Nana.


Jeffrey Dale turned a part-time job at a small print shop into full-time employment in artistic design, when a career in professional soccer wasn't in the cards. Jeff took his first step toward artistic design after his boss, knowing that he had a background in art, asked him to design a logo for a client. That introduction led to the discovery of his true passion and motivated an education in the design world of Washington, DC. His wide scope of interest and talent inspires him to design and build just about anything one can conceive of creating, including this, his debut children's book.

Jeff is the founder of Dale Design, situated within the thriving design community of Raleigh, North Carolina, where he lives with his wife and two grown children.


"Impressively inspiring and fresh . . . buy this book, send copies to your friends, and tell the world that they have gifts that they need to give for the sake of others. This book brings us closer together and to the truth within ourselves." - Richard Leider,  International best-selling author of The Power of Purpose, Repacking Your Bags, and Life Reimagined

Rose’s touching picture book…will give young people and adults the chance to reflect on the importance of community and where they find meaning in their own lives. 
Dale’s illustrations…are vibrant images showing... children carrying instruments happily joining the band, with many skin tones, hair colors and physical abilities represented to help readers feel seen and included. 
An inspiring story of children from all walks of life discovering the joy of making music.   - Editor’s Pick, BookLife Review 

Coloring the Rainbow is an easy, joyful story to add to any collection of books about diversity, connectedness, and creativity.    - The Children’s Book Review 
A well-told tale of the magic of music.   - Kirkus Reviews