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Clarke's Dictionary of Transactional Analysis

ISBN: 9781450720168
Binding: Paperback
Author: Susan Clarke
Pages: 568
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 10/1/2012

Clarke's Dictionary of Transactional Analysis is a compendium of definitions diagrams organizations biographies and awards is a comprehensive and inclusive encyclopedia of all matters TA.

This one-of-a-kind reference work has entries from the earliest days (when Dr. Berne held seminars in his home) through the latest edition of the Transactional Analysis Journal. Here you can find precis of the ideas thoughts and writings of both the originators of this cutting-edge discipline and the most recent practitioners.

TA is unique in that it covers such a wide ground -- psychology education and organization plus it is a world-wide avocation. Herein lies both its strengths and its weaknesses. Its strengths are that TA is wide-spread and has different disciplines. The weakness is that this broad and often unconnected thread of practice and scholarship makes it challenging for both the beginner and the true and tried professional to keep a handle on what is going on. This reference work helps bridge the gap. It brings together ideas discoveries and exploration from all the TA disciplines and from all over the world. It includes references to TA and disabilities TA and women TA and homosexuality TA and violent TA and globalization in fact all the day-to-day issues that everyone deals with on Planet Earth.

Susan Legender Clarke is an educational member of the ITAA. She studied with Jean Illsley Clarke from 1993 to 1998 with students from Finland and Peru as well as all over the USA -- truly an international gathering. Dr. Clarke wanted to have a central source of information about TA for the set homework and so the Dictionary was conceived. Currently Dr. Clarke earns her living as a Doctor of Chiropractic specializing in the treatment of long-term chronic health problems including PTSD Migraines Allergies plus the more usual pain issues.


After nearly twenty years working as a healer Susan Clarke has come to see that being healthy involves much more than just looking at the body as a sum of its' parts. Dr. Clarke approaches health not only from the view of organs bones and muscles interacting with each other but seeing that the wholeness of each person reaches beyond the physical structure. The goal of the basic life force within each of us is not just to be healthy but also to have vibrancy passion joy harmony and peace in our daily lives.

Using tools from a cross-section of healing strategies including: Kinesiology Cranio-Sacral Therapy Nutritional Counseling and Transactional Analysis Dr. Susan Clarke addresses the needs of the whole person and supports each person's own abilities to heal.

"I have found that people's bodies want to be healthy and I can help people to better work with their own bodies' goal to heal themselves. I greatly admire the human body and its' amazing capabilities and always feel privileged to be involved with the process of helping each person to better understand the real possibility of attaining the perfect health their bodies desire.

The perfection and wholeness of our natural universe is represented within each cell of each person. My goal is to share my skills and knowledge so that each person will better be able to use their own resources in living the fullest lives possible. As each of us becomes healthier happier and more fulfilled in our life the whole world benefits from our energy ideas and contributions. By reaching optimum health individually we can create together a dynamic exciting supportive and healthy world."