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Choosing Crazy Over Easy: Finding the Joy in Life's Hot Messes (Even When You Have Other Plans)

ISBN: 9781634895118
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Carly Ann Dell
Pages: 168
Trim: 5 x 7 inches
Published: 08/16/2022

This is not a self-help book—because trust me, you're already succeeding. This is a self-acceptance book about overcoming perfectionism, finding your path, and building radical self-love.

Hey girl.

Did you think you would have it all figured out by now, only to find yourself a bit of a hot mess? Yeah, me too.

Maybe you're on a path that isn't quite yours. Or maybe you're creating your own direction, but the unknown is terrifying.

When you spend the majority of your life running someone else's race, it's hard to not struggle with feeling inadequate or behind. I know because I've been there. You are not alone!

As a go-getter who is always second-guessing, I understand how damaging it can be to obsessively try to "better" ourselves. That's why this is not your typical self-help book for women. Consider it a readable conversation with a friend who gets it. Life is not about "fixing" ourselves—it's about embracing where we're at so we can enjoy the journey.

Inside, find reflections on:

  • gifting your inner perfectionist and people-pleaser a well-earned break,
  • finding balance between being driven and living in the present moment,
  • embracing a fitness mindset for the healthiest version of yourself, not the smallest,
  • seeking support instead of validation, and
  • laying down the to-do list and celebrating this season of your life.

What if your struggles aren't failures, but are actually detours toward a path that is uniquely, blessedly your own? Just because things feel unplanned doesn't mean they aren't going according to plan.

With kick-butt real talk, this book is for anyone at a crossroads, whether you're overthinking your quarter-life crisis, are a new mom or a recent graduate, or have burned it all down for a new city, new career, or new shot at love. Here's to leaving the security of knowing what's next for the freedom of the unknown—you're doing great.

Step away from trying to be perfect, and choose to embrace crazy, meaningful, and joyful.

We've got this.

"Sometimes it's the detours that ultimately help us find what we were looking for."


Carly-Ann Dell is a health and wellness enthusiast who dropped out of grad school to travel the world—and discovered her real passion for helping others. Today she is the host of the Crazy Over Easy podcast, where she talks about recognizing that life is not a one size fits all. Carly-Ann lives with her husband, kids, and spirited dogs in Lake Stevens, Washington. Follow her on Instagram and Pinterest at @carlyanndell.