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Cancer Sucks

ISBN: 9781936401949
Binding: Paperback
Author: David Yates
Pages: 246
Trim: 5 x 8 inches
Published: 8/1/2011

David Yates returned from military duty in Vietnam only to find out that he had cancer. He was getting back on his feet when cancer returned two years later. Treatment followed and David got back into his life – changed but moving forward. Three decades later David found himself receiving the news of a cancer diagnosis for the third time.

Cancer Sucks – A True Story is David’s story.

From the moment of that third diagnosis David determined that he hadn’t let cancer beat him in the past and it wouldn’t beat him this time either.

His is a story of survival of making it through to the other side of illness and of helping others to do the same.

Filled with personal stories and accounts of what to expect when going through treatment David’s story is a new kind of handbook for cancer patients. With frank advice David explains how he has made it through urging us all to take our health into our own hands.

Perhaps this is not just David’s story after all but a cautionary tale for all of us.

David Yates grew up in Vero Beach and West Palm Beach Florida and graduated from Forest Hill High School. He is a Vietnam verteran graduated from Louisiana State University with a BS degree and has worked extensively in the construction and elder care fields.

He is a pioneer in the development of "intergenerational care" (structured programs with preschool children and dependent elders within the same building with centers in Northern and Southern California Colorado and Connecticut). He is currently retired and living in Ventura California.

“A wonderful and inspiring book for anyone that has been touched by cancer - whether you’ve had it yourself or know someone who has.”— Sara Clickenger Board Member Cancer Hope Foundation

“David’s story is moving and inspiring. Cancer sucks but as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry I’m awed by the bravery of cancer sufferers and their loved ones and by the professionalism and dedication of those who work to improve the lives of cancer patients. As David says we should never give up!”— Dr. Frederick Goldberg oncology researcher

“I was able to read the manuscript Cancer Sucks – A True Story. It not only helped me choose between undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation it reminded me of why I wanted to live and to never ever give up!”— Bob Steele cancer survivor