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BREACH POINT: How Cops Find and Achieve a Balanced Life and Career

ISBN: 9798985626407
Binding: Paperback
Author: Kent Williams
With: Ed Wojcicki
Pages: 194
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 01/05/2023

The book title draws its name from the tactical breach point that all officers learn and that SWAT cops use to break a barrier or enter a room. Williams' literary device - and the focus on his Breach Point Consulting business -- is to describe the equally important "personal breach points" that cops encounter when the shift is over and it's time to go home. By recognizing these breach points in your personal life, Williams says, it is possible to achieve the balanced lifestyle that historically eludes too many cops.

Williams explains that as a profession, cops have more than their share of challenges with physical and mental health and relationships. His book and his seminars describe how these are byproducts of their training and the police culture, and the trouble is, too many cops carry their training about controlling everyone and trusting no one into their personal lives. Then he reveals the flip side: Trust more and control less and learn to live a balanced lifestyle. The book shows them how.


Kent Williams served for thirty-two years as a law enforcement officer in Illinois, retiring as a police chief. He is the founder and CEO of Breach Point Consulting, Inc. and has been traveling the country for more than two decades leading seminars for law enforcement leaders, officers, and their families. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, University of Southern California Delinquency Control Institute, the Police Executive Research Forum's Senior Management Institute for Police at Boston University, and the Buechner Institute for Governance's Rock Mountain Leadership Program at the University of Colorado. He holds a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice Management from Aurora University and a master's degree in Organizational Leadership from Judson University in Illinois.

Ed Wojcicki was a journalist for twenty-five years before moving into higher education administration and then serving for eight years as executive director of the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. He is the author/coauthor of two previous books. He holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Missouri and a master's degree in Political Studies from the University of Illinois Springfield.