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Literature & Fiction - Contemporary Mystery & Thrillers - Crime

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Black and Blue

ISBN: 9781545625965
Binding: Paperback
Author: nashid fareed-ma'at
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 6/19/2018

black and blue is an in-depth novel exploring issues around police shootings of unarmed Blacks. It follows Detective Givens a Black detective assigned to investigate the shooting of a Black man by a White officer. As he investigates he realizes the issues of unemployment and poverty drug addiction political indifference media sensationalism and community resistance are deeply connected to this case. These issues take on a deeper relevance as they have impacted Givens' life in intimate and personal ways. These issues bring up larger questions such as: What does it mean to "serve and protect" as a Black cop? What is truly justice? And will these types of shootings ever be brought to an end? These tangled webs are exacerbated by the fact that his wife is a community organizer actively protesting against police brutality and the city's history of injustice... Such become the canvas of Detective Givens' investigation into why Martin Little was shot. A case that quickly delves beyond what led to the shots being fired and literally forces Givens to reflect on the course of his own life.

nashid fareed-ma'at is a Black artist who has been writing for many years. His writing includes poetry prose plays and screenplays. He is dedicated to addressing issues of relevance to people of African descent as well as spiritual matters.