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Beyond the Quantum: An Existential Crisis in 5 Acts

ISBN: 9781943988389
Binding: Paperback
Author: Angie LaPaglia
Artist: Dorshak Blok
Pages: 48
Trim: 6.25 x 7.75 inches
Published: 12/07/2023

A genre-bending cult classic in the making—part graphic novel, art object, epic poem, and all/none of the above.

Is it a graphic novel?

Is it an art object?

Is it an epic poem?

Beyond the Quantum: An Existential Crisis in 5 Acts is none of the above and all of the above. It's 30 mind-expanding illustrations wrapped in a narrative that stares into the abyss and calls its bluff.

And it's how two Oklahoma artists collaborated through a global scourge to create a genre-bending cult classic in the making.

Angie LaPaglia: Artist, poet, and collaborator born without her consent. Her reactions manifest in books, spoken word performances, murals, installations, and immersive experiences.

Dorshak Blok: Artist, printmaker, and consummate lover conceived in chaos, still licking his wounds. He responds to existence through proficient illustrations, conspicuous design, and the rare collaboration.