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Beyond Family: A Case for Another Regime of Reproduction, Sexuality and Kinship

ISBN: 9798986788449
Binding: Paperback
Author: Bülent Somay
Pages: 224
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 02/13/2024

Beginning by declaring 'Familia delenda est!' or "the Family is (to be) destroyed" Bülent Somay argues that the nuclear family is repressive and regressive and needs to be replaced.

"The family has now become a hindrance against expanding our horizons, increasing our knowledge, imagining and experimenting new modes of existence, not only for women, but also for children who will become men, women, straight and gay persons, transgender and fluid-gender people, in short, all of us."

Bulent Somay's previous books include Something is Missing: Things We Don't Want to Know about Love, Sex and Life, The End of Truth, The Psychopolitics of the Oriental Father and The View from the Masthead


"What makes Beyond Family so precious is that it combines detailed research of facts with a firm pro-feminist and anti-traditional taking of sides. Somay's starting point is the hypothesis that the time of the family is over: yes, we live in deep crisis, but any kind of return to tradition will just deepen the crisis. However, he is at the same time aware that the disintegration of the traditional family is not a linear progress towards freedom and equality, but a process which brings out new tensions and antagonisms, even new forms of domination. Somay fearlessly articulates all the traps of post-family thinking and acting, and this is what makes his book simply indispensable for everyone who wants to understand the mess we are in... in short, for everyone." - Slavoj Žižek

"With exquisite eloquence and erudition, Bülent Somay shows us why we must move beyond the family, long deteriorating anyway. There are far better ways of satisfying our needs and desires for love, care and sustenance than traditional kin structures have ever offered. This historically grounded, rigorous and compassionate analysis of the complexities of our human hearts and endless needs paves the way for the radical possibilities we can all embrace and work for." - Lynne Segal

"The prolific Bülent Somay's new book is an extraordinarily lively deconstruction of the modern family in the light of the escalation of techno-capitalism and its impact on sexuality and human relationships. Beyond Family deploys Freudian and Lacanian psychoanalysis to prize apart family and non-family relations, leading away from recent identity politics towards a new, universal politics of sexual emancipation. This is an exciting, provocative and timely intervention in a crucial domain." - Stephen Frosh