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Self-Help - Personal Transformation

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Becoming the Hero of Your Own Life: The Lies That Bind and the Problem with Happily Ever After

ISBN: 9781634894548
Binding: Paperback
Author: M. A. Shanesy
Pages: 216
Trim: 5 x 8 inches
Published: 12/6/2021

In this self-help book by clinical psychologist M. A. Shanesy, discover a roadmap of the Hero's Journey to freedom and selfhood.

We've all dreamed of a life of happiness, purpose, and meaning, but somehow the "facts" of life seem to get in our way. You know the "facts"—all those "You have to," "You can't," "You're not" things that keep us from living.

But what if these "facts" are lies?

M. A. Shanesy is a clinical psychologist who has helped thousands of individuals embrace the power of selfhood to become the Hero of their own lives.

In this compassionate, easy-to-understand guide, find:

  • skills for recognizing the societal lies of "happily ever after," "I can't," "never, always, perfect," and "no choice,"
  • techniques for breaking destructive patterns of thinking,
  • strategies that get to the root of anxiety, depression, and stress, and
  • how to build the vision of living as the Hero of your own life, no matter what that the future holds.

If you are worn down by never feeling good enough and exhausted by trying to figure out what you did wrong—let this book light the way.

Learn your truth, see without assumptions or judgments, and make the decisions that are best for you.


M. A. Shanesy is a clinical psychologist who has devoted her career to helping thousands of individuals who wanted to free themselves from the suffering of depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, loss, and grief, to find a life of contentment and purpose, and to become the Hero of their own life. She lives and works in Minnesota, where she enjoys the freedom and power of her own Hero's Journey with her dog, Blitzen.