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Because He First Fed Us: Ordinary Meals - Extraordinary Messages

ISBN: 9781646450251
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Anita Hinkeldey McVey
Pages: 80
Trim: 6” x 9” inches
Published: 12/14/2021

Before God created mankind, He created a garden. God was preparing a meal for us before we arrived. He gave us our senses to fully appreciate and enjoy this world. He gave us our family and friends and opportunities to share with each other and with strangers. And He gave us His Word.

Food is a love language. It nourishes, heals, comforts, and delights the body and the soul. There is a way to make delicious food even better: share it. When food is transformed into a meal, it becomes love in action. All the senses are engaged: sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. Memories are revived. Stories are told. Gratitude is expressed. Conversations flow and wisdom is gleaned. Even the dirty dishes have a story to tell.

This book contains thirty lighthearted devotions highlighting ordinary meals found in the Bible and that reveal extraordinary messages. Each one is paired with a personal anecdote to show that God speaks to us in bite-sized pieces of wisdom, easily digestible truths, sometimes hard-to-chew incriminations, and heaping helpings of grace. These messages are served with the greatest hospitality ever known and a side of humor.

Let's eat!

Anita Hinkeldey McVey is a Midwest farmer's daughter who grew up in northwest Iowa on a steady diet of faith, family, and food. Her passion for cooking and gardening inspired her to create a blog, Picnic Life Foodie, where she shares her favorite recipes and the fond memories they bring to mind. With their two sons now "out of the nest," Anita and her husband, Marty, live on acreage in central Iowa with a large garden, a fishing pond, and an energetic hunting dog named Stark.