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Be the Difference: Bringing Goodness Back to Healthcare: The Journey of Twin Cities Orthopedics

ISBN: 9781733386227
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Troy Simonson
Author: Paul Batz
Pages: 118
Trim: 5.25 x 7.25 inches
Published: 10/16/2020

Even before COVID-19, the healthcare system in America was struggling. But not everywhere. CEO Troy Simonson gives his inside-baseball take on how independent physicians and savvy practice managers at Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) are disrupting the slow, expensive, and myopic healthcare system. And the patients are winning? 

TCO is delivering better care, patient-focused and cheaper (a lot cheaper). The data is AMAZING! 

Executive coach Paul Batz, CEO of Good Leadership, explains exactly how you can replicate TCO’s success—inside or outside of healthcare. The secret is adopting “goodness” as the starting point: Goodness is when people thrive together in a culture of encouragement, accountability and positive teamwork.

Be the Difference is a simple combination of an Apple-style environment, with Ritz Carlton-style service, and Nordstrom-style personal attention. Without the premium price.


Paul Batz is changing the conversation about leadership. He founded Good Leadership to help CEOs, business owners, executives, and community leaders grow with the idea Goodness Pays. Paul’s not-so-secret sauce is demonstrating how excellence, generosity, fairness, and positivity are rewarded with great business results.

Troy Simonson is the CEO of Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) and Revo Health (Revo), leading a large independent specialty practice of 35+ clinics and 115+ physicians in the Twin Cities metro area while helping drive growth and innovation for independent healthcare organizations across the United States.


“One of the best ways for independent physician practices to improve their performance is implementing the successful habits of others. This book is full of simple ideas to help groups get Books like this, and leaders like the physicians at TCO, are making the whole healthcare system better for all of us.” - Glenn Sumner, CEO, The OrthoForum

“The book is a must-read for all who care about how our patients are served in healthcare. While the compelling journey of these forward-looking men and women continues, the lessons learned are palpable and meaningful today. It’s refreshing and inspiring to know the essential ingredient of their success is an abiding commitment to goodness. There’s no doubt to me these lessons in goodness will be valuable to every manager and leader, regardless of industry.” - Nazie Eftekhari, Executive Chairwoman, HealthEZ

“Kids are meant to move their bodies and test their limits—it’s how they discover their strengths! And when they get injured it’s traumatic for the whole family. This is a great little book about how TCO has created a compassionate, highly effective care model to give the whole family peace of mind, and the kids back to adventure quickly and safely.” - Betsy Grams, Executive Director, CycleHealth

“Troy Simonson and Paul Batz have powerfully articulated the importance of treating patients like real people. The healthcare industry has been searching for answers regarding a possible solution for upgraded service at a fair price. The clear answers are expressed by Troy and Paul in a manner that will change the paradigm in medicine that desperately needed a fresh and thoughtful new direction. Be the Difference, Bringing Goodness Back to Healthcare is a must read.” - Kevin Warren, Commissioner, Big Ten Conference 

“Many executives of our nation’s largest healthcare companies sing the virtues of lowering healthcare costs, but none of them would dare to tell you how their prices stack up against market prices (assuming they even know their prices). Here in Be the Difference, Troy, the CEO of one of this country’s largest orthopedic surgery centers clearly reveals his organization’s prices, and those prices are: 1) easy to understand, 2) transparent, and 3) 30% below market. This is the type of leadership and results we need in healthcare and this book is a roadmap for healthcare leaders that wish to emulate the successful innovation of Twin Cities Orthopedics.” -Thompson Aderinkomi, CEO, Nice Healthcare

“I love this story about a company that knows how to get the equation in healthcare right—it’s an equal balance of physicians, team members, and patients who are winning together. TCO is impacting so many healthcare businesses in a positive way. This book will help you learn both why their work is so important, and how you can do it too!” - Melanie Sullivan, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer, Ecumen 

“Twin Cities Orthopedics, led by Troy Simonson, is a fantastic partner with the Minnesota Vikings. Troy and his team understand the value of relationships within a business partnership. It is fun to see how Troy and Paul are sharing secrets to help influential people—like physicians—work together with goodness. I think any business leader will find this story to be both exciting and insightful.” - Steve Poppen, Executive Vice President and CFO, Minnesota Vikings 

“In working as a partner of Twin Cities Orthopedics for the past eight years, I can truly say they genuinely practice the ideals laid out in the book. Their concern for quality, transparency, and patient experience, and the way they’ve ingrained this in their employee culture, is unprecedented in healthcare from what I’ve seen. I recommend all healthcare leaders take the advice in this book to heart and start giving people the healthcare experience they deserve.” - Mike Albainy, Founder, MD Clarity

“Troy Simonson and Paul Batz are the right team to be writing about goodness and bold leadership in healthcare today. The answer to a better world is more win-win partnerships where people are building each other up. This book will help spread Twin Cities Orthopedics formula for success in healthcare and beyond. If you follow their goodness philosophy you will be more successful, faster.” - Darrell Thompson, President, Bolder Options

“It is so exciting to see a healthcare organization actually living a “patient centered care” focus. While the strategies in this book are common-sense, the courage to be different than the status quo is no common. TCO leadership has created a culture that is cutting-edge in healthcare today. What’s exciting to me? The fact that TCO’s success can be duplicated with the right attitude from physician leaders, and a team of people who are 100% committed to the ‘Be the Difference’ idea.” - Mike McCaslin, Principal, Somerset CPA 

“For many years, TCO has been a leader and innovator when it comes to the delivery of orthopedic and patient services. As a former hockey player I was always told, “Skate to where the puck is going to be instead of chasing from behind.” I found the simplicity in this book to be inspiring. Whatever business you run, you will find practical insights to help your team work together better, and stay out front of your competition.” - Dean Williamson, President, Frauenshuh

“Our firm has become completely vested in the success of TCO because of how they value us, their construction partner. What you will see in this book is a perfect picture of full commitment to a better patient experience. They challenged us to transform their facilities for ease of access, comfort in the waiting and patient rooms, lighting and finishes—to improve the overall experience. TCO is a shining, excellent example of not accepting the status quo, choosing to make change happen through their leadership.” - Robert Jossart, CEO, RJM Construction

“I have had the privilege to work with TCO for over fifteen years. It’s been both exciting and rewarding to watch the growth and prosperity of their organization during that time. While this book is impressive, the real story is actually understated! TCO really is changing healthcare and setting a course for independent physicians to thrive all across America.” - Steve Brown, Executive Vice President and Partner, The Excelsior Group LLC

“The healthcare industry needs authentic leaders who are courageous and anchored by strong values. In Be the Difference, Troy Simonson shows how under his leadership TCO’s unrelenting focus on patients made it one of the country’s strongest independent physician practices.” - Ryan Johnson, Partner, Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.