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Be Nice. The End. Simple Wisdom of the Playground Kids

ISBN: 9781634894661
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Bryan Skavnak
Illustrator: Wendy Shragg
Pages: 144
Trim: 9 x 9 inches
Published: 9/30/2021

Winner of the Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, Benjamin Franklin Awards, and the Midwest Book Awards in the Inspirational and Family/Parenting categories.

In this book about inclusion for kids and kind people of all ages, readers are transported to the “ideal playground,” going back to school to learn from small kids with the biggest hearts.

What if we didn’t turn away, but welcomed? What if we didn’t compare, but congratulated? What if we helped more, cheered more, praised more, and encouraged more?

What if?

This children’s book about kindness takes young readers–and the young at heart–back to the basics of empathy, inclusion, and belonging.

Bryan Skavnak is the founder of Be the Nice Kid, where he speaks at schools across the country about how to be good at being nice. In his inspirational books for kids (and everyone’s inner child!), Bryan takes notes on the playground’s simple approach to kindness to bring readers back to their roots.

Wendy Kieffer Shragg is a mixed-media artist who believes art has the power to create understanding. Her soulful illustrations bring this inspirational coffee table book to life, encouraging readers to lock eyes with our neighbors and see to the heart of people around us.

In this 144-page children’s book for classroom learning, discover:

  • ⦁ a read-aloud kids’ book on empathy,
  • ⦁ an essential addition to inclusive picture books for the classroom,
  • ⦁ a perfect gift book for the nicest people in your life, and
  • ⦁ a heartwarming reminder of the kindness we can offer each other.

Fans of illustrated books for adults like The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse and The Tao of Pooh will love the heartfelt wisdom that transcends generations.
Be Nice. The End. provides lessons that uplift . . . long after you take your turn on the swingset.


Bryan Skavnak is a golf professional, author, speaker, and founder of Be the Nice Kid. His work seeks to spread joy and positivity through inspirational merch, engaging conversations, and stories that connect hearts.

His book Happy Golf Starts Here aimed to bring joy and confidence back to competitors of all skill levels and backgrounds. His latest release, Be Nice. The End., leaves the putting green for the playground—taking readers basic to basics with the kindness and hope of children.

Wendy Kieffer Shragg is a contemporary mixed-media artist who uses her talents to connect with people and tell stories for which there are no words. A graduate of the University of Minnesota, Wendy works out of her studio in Wayzata, Minnesota, creating artwork that is a fusion of various mediums, including painting, collage, and digital art.

The illustrations for Be Nice. The End. were originally created as part of Instagram’s #The100DayProject art challenge and community. This series features diverse faces of children worldwide, evoking the transformative lessons we can learn from the innocent wisdom of children.