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Basic Accounting Concepts Principles and Procedures Vol. 2 2nd edition

ISBN: 9780991423118
Binding: Paperback
Author: Gregory Mostyn
Trim: 8.4 x 10.8 inches
Published: 9/17/2017

The book along with the first volume is designed to perform two functions:

1) The book functions as a comprehensive yet very user-friendly step-by-step introduction to financial accounting. The book includes a unique self-study feature otherwise available only in expensive textbooks used exclusively for the classroom: the book contains both practice tests and answers and over 900 questions and problems all with fully-available detailed answers included in the book's CD and online for desktop and mobile use (See page xix: "How to Use This Book".)

2) The book functions as a practical reference for bookkeepers managers owners and investors who need to understand accounting methods and who use accounting information. (Some examples see: other closing techniques 273 completing the cycle 288 alternate inventory methods 315 321 358 437 711 take a discount? 446 new information systems 512 depreciation misconceptions 747 accounting software checklist 918 reversing and correcting entries - on disk cash budgeting &ndash on disk). The book also functions as a valuable reference for small business owners attempting to use accounting software but who do not have an accounting background.


Gregory Mostyn CPA MBA is an accounting instructor at Mission College Santa Clara California. He is a member of the American Accounting Association and American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He has extensive experience in accounting curriculum and instructional design and has authored journal articles on the subject. (E.g. see "Cognitive Load Theory: What It Is Why It's Important for Accounting Instruction and Research" Issues in Accounting Education Vol. 27 No. 1 2012). He has applied many of these principles to the development and design of this book.


"Comprehensive graphically pleasing and expertly constructed an outstanding teaching and learning tool. The purpose of the book is clearly to impart the fundamentals of accounting in a highly structured step-by-step manner in which every lesson builds on the one before it. In this regard the book mightily succeeds almost to the extent of replacing the need for a live instructor." - Kirkus Reviews

"Summing up: Recommended. General readers and lower division and technical program students" - Choice S.R. Kahn Univ. of Cincinnati

"Exceptionally well written organized and presented. Basic Accounting: Concepts Principles and Procedures Vols. 1 &amp 2 is unreservedly recommended for professional community corporate college and university library accounting instructional reference collections and curriculums." - Midwest Book Review James B. Cox

"Basic Accounting is written in a simple clear manner for both slow and fast learners to follow. A step-by-step building block approach is used where one topic fluently builds into the next topic to ensure an incremental learning approach... In summary the two-volume set provides a very economical and complete first-course coverage." - Issues in Accounting Education Kim B. Tan California State University