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Bad Company-Good Company A Leader's Guide: Transforming Dysfunctional Culture

ISBN: 9781545661451
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 324
Trim: 6 x 9 inches
Published: 11/5/2019

Cultural Dysfunction is a disease at epidemic levels in many organizations. No group is immune from the insidious onset and negative impact dysfunction brings to businesses, non-profits, health care, academia, and the public sector. In Bad Company/Good Company, A Leaders Guide: Transforming Dysfunctional Culture, veteran business executives Charles E. Williams and James T. Schultz offer proven processes and tactics they used over their 90+ years combined experience successfully transforming cultures of failure and underachievement in complex and resistant organizations in both the private and public sectors. Their realistic narrative provides an orderly roadmap how to recognize and cure cultural dysfunction and improve results in safety, employee engagement, customer happiness, financial performance, productivity, operational excellence, and overall stakeholder satisfaction.

Jim Schultz and Chuck Williams worked side by side as senior executives for a Fortune 200 company, jointly leading efforts to transform performance in safety, operations, and productivity. For example, they instituted and led programs that reduced worker casualties by 75 percent and workers’ comp costs by more than 50 percent in just five years; instituted controls and protocols that saved more than $400 million in procurement costs on a $5 billion annual spend; and implemented a metric-driven process that improved productivity by more than 2 percent—bringing millions to the bottom line in both direct and indirect cost reductions. Today, Chuck and Jim continue to collaborate and team together in leadership consulting, keynote speaking, and coaching engagements in high-consequence industries.