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Literature & Fiction - Contemporary

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Back to the Island

ISBN: 9781634132909
Binding: Paperback
Author: Timothy P. Munkeby
Pages: 592
Trim: 5.25 x 8 inches
Published: 2/24/2015

Mikael Mulcahy after losing his family decides to start life anew in the Bahamas. There he meets an extraordinary woman Kate who boldly moves in with him declaring to be his half-sister. Mikael learns she is being stalked by an ex-boyfriend because of her involvement in convicting him of fraud. What confuses Mikael however are the mixed signals he gets from Kate involving their relationship.

Along with Kate comes an array of adventures involving her twin Sara Mikael's old friend a wealthy yacht owner an attractive barmaid and a massive islander named Peewee. And a young island girl who stops by the cottage each morning dropping off poems to get guidance from Mikael.

Hopelessly entangled in webs of relationships Mikael seeks to support his new friends however he can including involvement in eco-terrorism in an attempt to preserve the pristine life on the little isle.

Author Timothy P. Munkeby spends most of his time at his lodge on Lake Vermilion surrounded by cabins for each of his five children and their families now totaling twenty-three. Previously Tim was a teacher and founded a financial planning company before attempting his hand at writing. His first book If I Had a Million Dollars: How to Achieve Financial Independence Before Your Parents Do was written as an easy read for young adults who are facing a challenging financial future. Tim lectures at colleges and universities on Financial and Career Literacy when he's not hiking biking kayaking or skiing.

"Back to the Island blends a highly enjoyable read with chastisements of exploitative institutions existing today primarily Wall Street. Also the vivid discriptions of Elbow Cay transports the reader to a pristine setting being threatened by unscupulous developers. There is much clever dialogue and wordplay that carries the story. I found the poems rare in fiction today to be poignant and refreshing. The dilemma these characters face is an interesting one: do we all have our "islands" we must return to?" - L. Richardson Book Club moderator participant and aficionado.