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Teen & Young Adult - Nonfiction

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Authentic You: A Girl's Guide to Growing Up Fearless and True

ISBN: 9781634893619
Binding: Paperback
Author: Achea Redd
Pages: 176
Trim: 4.4 x 6.3 inches
Published: 11/16/2020

I am fearless. I am powerful beyond measure.

Achea Redd lives by this simple mantra: Real Girls FART. Real girls are fearless and authentic in the way they live and embrace themselves, they rescue themselves and others when things get tough, and they aren't afraid to trailblaze their way through life, doing what has never been done before.

These traits are the perfect ingredients for not just surviving, but thriving in adolescence. In Authentic You, Achea tackles tough topics like mental health stigmas, setting boundaries in your friendships and relationships, and balancing responsibilities. Each chapter breaks down the Real Girls FART acronym with special mantras to remind young teenagers of their power in every aspect of life.

Adolescence is a time of change, but change doesn't have to be scary. With her signature realness, Achea breaks down the hardest parts of growing up, helping girls see through the challenges ahead to find in the midst of it their most authentic selves.


In early 2016, Achea Redd was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. After hiding her condition out of fear and shame, Achea quickly realized it was only getting worse, affecting her physically to the point of a nervous breakdown. It wasn't until she acknowledged the situation with her loved ones, seeking out treatment from her therapist and doctor, that things started to get better.

As a form of self-expression and healing, Achea created her own blog, sharing her feelings about mental health and authenticity. The flow of support she received from the community compelled her to create Real Girls FART—a space to empower and equip women with the necessary tools to use their voices and become their best, most authentic selves. Achea currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband, Michael, and her two children.