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Authentic Healing

ISBN: 9781634139595
Binding: Paperback
Author: Kathi J. Kemper
Trim: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Published: 3/8/2016

Whether you are a health professional or a lay person caring for a family member or friend Authentic Healing offers essential practical wisdom. Combining ancient practices with modern science Dr. Kemper brings her wealth of experience as a physician into this practical step-by step easy to-read handbook.

Authentic Healing answers common questions such as:
- What's the difference between healing and curing?
- Who can heal?
- How do I prepare?
- Does it work?
- How does this compare with traditional healing from China and India?
- Can healing be done in teams?
- Can healing occur at a distance?
- What can recipients do between sessions?

If you're interested in becoming a more effective healer this is the book you need.


Kathi J. Kemper M.D. M.P.H. brings to this book over 30 years of experience as a medical doctor who trained and taught at prestigious institutions such as Harvard Yale and the University of Chicago as well as UNC University of Washington University of Wisconsin The Ohio State University and Wake Forest University. She has published over 160 research papers in peer-reviewed journals and is widely sought by media such as ABC News the Wall Street Journal and Redbook. After completing her medical training she studied with some of America's most noted healers. Her experience compassion and wisdom combine to create Authentic Healing the standard text on scientific yet spiritual healing practice.


"Kathi Kemper is a medical doctor who understands healing - a healer who understands medicine: what a unique combination! This is a practical warmhearted book on a complex subject I am sure we will use it in our therapeutic touch classes."-Martine Busch Director Van Praag Instituut Netherlands

"Dr. Kemper has created a guide to mobilizing the body's life force through CHI (Compassionate Healing Intention) to access innate healing abilities. This book offers a valuable review of the scientific research on healing along with personal stories that illustrate the basic principles taught by skilled healers." -Larry Burk MD Author Let Magic Happen: Adventures in Healing with a Holistic Radiologist

"World-renowned pediatrician Kathi J. Kemper M.D. M.P.H. builds on her indelible contribution to medicine by guiding us into the art of healing. Covering topics such as centering and grounding preparing mentally and spiritually and using intention and distance healing to help patients and showcasing a plethora of techniques Dr. Kemper offers ways to move beyond the 'diagnose and dispense model of care' into compassionate transmission of healing energy. She explains hands-on healing in an accessible compelling way for peers and patients alike." -Michael Cohen J.D. Author The Practice of Integrative Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Legal Boundaries and Regulatory Perspectives and Healing at the Borderland of Medicine and Religion.

"Dr Kemper represents a new breed of physician who combines the best of conventional Western medicine with evidenced informed holistic treatments. She gets to the heart of healing." -Mimi Guarneri MD President Academy Integrative Health and Medicine and Author The Heart Speaks: A Cardiologist Reveals the Secret Language of Healing

"Dr. Kemper is bringing the most ancient of healing arts - spiritual healing - into the modern age. Doctors! Learn how to become a healer again and read this book! Patients! Give this book to your doctor!" -Wayne Jonas M.D. President and CEO Samueli Institute Author Healing Intention and Energy Medicine: Science Research Methods and Clinical Implications

"Dr. Kemper has done it again! This is a must read for both doctors and patients. Authentic Healing allows the modern reader to tap into their physician-within by offering simple steps for spiritual physical and psychological healing. In the rapidly changing world of modern medicine this book is a valuable tool for all those who seek to expand their knowledge of holistic and integrative medicine." -Kathleen O'Keefe Kanavos Author Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing

"Dr. Kemper is a visionary and pioneer in integrative medicine. Her work awakens us to the deeper aspects of healing within the mind body and spirit. She is a physician who believes in the attributes of the heart those of practicing simple kindness compassion and gratitude thus empowering others to participate in their own healing process and the maintenance of their health and/or well-being. Her life's work amplifies the strength and beauty which lies within bringing inspiration to us all." -Deborah Larrimore RN BSN LMBT CHTP/I

"In Authentic Healing Dr. Kathi Kemper again shows herself to be a masterful teacher able to adroitly guide her students to new levels of insight and impact in patient care. She is a visionary leader in the art and science of healing weaving ancient traditions and modern science to the enormous benefit of both patients and caregivers." -Hilary McClafferty M.D. Director Integrative Pediatric Residency University of Arizona

"This book lovingly brings to us an understanding of healing which transcends time and space. It is not a medical book about curing diseases but about how a person can be healed as they activate their life force with love no matter which healing modality they choose to use. It is really about how Dr. Kathi Kemper has lived her entire life bringing healing to herself and the world she lives in. Beautifully written and illustrated it is a treasure." -Gladys McGarey M.D. Founder American Holistic Medical Association Author Living Medicine: the Dwelling Place The Physician Within You

"This is a must-read not only for physicians but for anyone who is a caregiver. You can feel Dr. Kemper's warmth exude throughout the pages as she describes physical mental and emotional preparations for healing as well as specific healing techniques. This book is timeless and will be a source of reference encouragement and inspiration for years to come." -Julie Milunic Publisher Natural Triad

"Authentic Healing reminds us that the art of healing is alive and well and that the practice of medicine is far more than diagnosing disease and dispensing pills. This book is essential reading for anyone drawn to the healing professions." -Dean Radin Ph.D. Author Supernormal: Science Yoga and the Evidence for Extraordinary Psychic Abilities

"Dr. Kemper is a true pioneer in a field that is slowly realizing that health is more about a process than a pill. She artfully brings the reader through a series of steps that helps prepare to skillfully recruit healing mechanisms. The most valued caregiver will be the one who can reproduce the teachings in this text. Dr. Kemper is a scholar gifted teacher and master clinician. This text should be required reading for anyone interested in using themselves as a healing vector." -David Rakel M.D. Author Integrative Medicine

"Authentic Healing inspires both caregivers and clinicians. Dr. Kemper is a gifted healer who is also a recognized leader in integrative medicine and pediatrics." -David Riley M.D. Founder Integrative Medicine Institute

"Authentic Healing represents a turning point in the evolution of natural healing and the science of an integrative approach to care. Dr. Kemper has developed an excellent guide to understanding the value of the Ancient Art of Healing." -Mary Jo Ruggieri Ph.D. Director of the Institute for Holistic Health Careers

"Fifteen percent of illnesses require drugs or surgery and even those benefit from the skills of a skillful healer. The other 85% are far better healed with the wide array of alternatives presented by a real doctor who exemplifies the real healer archetype. Here is that legitimate wisdom." - C. Norman Shealy M.D. Ph.D. President and Professor Emeritus of Energy Medicine Holos University Graduate Seminary Past President American Holistic Medical Association Author Living Bliss: Major Discoveries Along the Holistic Path

"That such a brilliant and accomplished researcher and renowned medical doctor can make the sensitive and complex topic of "healing" so sensible and accessible for all is just another example of the brilliance and insight of this prolific author. Science and spirituality are woven into compelling reading ultimately offering a practical do-it-yourself guide to inner peace. This her fourth book may be a key to more than healing ourselves but to healing our families communities schools and all of the helping and health professions. Thank you Dr. Kemper for opening this door not only to Authentic Healing but to the authentic Kathi Kemper. This book will help heal our world." -Rebecca Shore Ph.D. Associate Professor of Educational Leadership University of North Carolina at Charlotte Author Baby Teacher: Nurturing Neural Networks from Birth to Age Five

"Authentic Healing is a call to rediscover a lost art in medicine from a time when being a physician meant practicing the art of healing in the deepest sense of the word - which is really about facilitating and supporting others in healing themselves. By combining the ancient arts of healing with the modern science of medicine Dr. Kemper offers a vision of truly holistic and integrative health and wellness." -Dzung Vo M.D. Author The Mindful Teen: Powerful Skills to Help You Handle Stress One Moment at a Time