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Attitudes At Every Altitude

ISBN: 9781529282665
Binding: Paperback
Author: Gregg Proteaux
Pages: 248

Welcome on board for a close-up view of airline travel today based on real-life miles flown written by a flight attendant with experience in excess of 7 million miles. Over 300 humorous situations are covered in Gregg Proteaux's compilation of relationships among passengers flight attendants pilots and the airlines of today.

The newest surcharges smaller seats delayed flights and pay cuts are all here which occur in airline travel every day. Experience them in this writing so that you will be better prepared when you board your next flight. in a humorous way every passenger will have a more realistic expectation from airlines and its employees in today's world of travel. HAVE YOU EVER TOLD A FLIGHT ATTENDANT HOW MANY ICE CUBES TO PUT INTO YOUR GLASS? YOU ARE IN HERE.

Experience the roles of both passengers and flight attendants and feel exactly what happens on a typical 16 hour day. The day begins from cold-water-showers in hotels to crowded airport parking lots over-booked flights cancellations and again all of the surcharges.


Gregg Proteaux has been in the airline industry for 26 years and has participated in the hiring of over 5,000 flight attendants. He grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and is currently a flight attendant living in Minneapolis. You will discover why both of his children have conveyed that neither would ever work for an airline!