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Artistic and Life-Like: Photography in Washington, 1850-1900

ISBN: 9798218367930
Binding: Hardcover
Author: Tim Greyhavens
Pages: 280
Trim: 9 x 12 inches
Published: 05/24/2024

This is the first book-length exploration of nineteenth-century photography in Washington State. Each chapter features intriguing facts, stories, and images that bring to life this rich part of photographic history from the territory's earliest days to the state's emergence as an economic power in the twentieth century.

The book features:

  • 280 pages / 9 chapters
  • 203 photographs & illustrations
  • Chronological histories by decade
  • Thematic studies of landscapes, portraits, and images of Native Peoples

In addition to tracing the development of Washington photography in a direct chronological timeline, the author explores key themes that illuminate the social, economic, and physical aspects of the state's growth as seen through dozens of rarely seen photographs.

As a latecomer to the Union, Washington and photography matured together. Photographers captured nearly every aspect of the state's social, economic, and physical growth. They also reflected the challenges of bringing the new medium of photography to the remoteness of the Pacific Northwest.

Unlike books about Washington's history that are illustrated with photographs, the author writes about how the accomplishments of individual photographers reflected the evolution of the state. As photography evolved from a scientific tool into a communications medium, it turned into a mirror of humanity, reflecting its unique ability to capture an instant in time that ultimately becomes timeless.


Tim Greyhavens is a historian of photography based in Seattle. His research centers on nineteenth- and early twentieth-century photographers in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. He previously published articles about Edward Curtis on Mount Rainier, Eadweard Muybridge's 1871 trip to photograph lighthouses on the Washington Coast, and the earliest photography boats in America. He is a life-long "photographist" (an early name for photographers), having published his first picture in a newspaper when he was sixteen years old.