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Art of Grey Area Thinking: Helping Young People Fight Extremism, Manipulation, and Abuse

ISBN: 9798988618614
Binding: Paperback
Author: : Jimmy Grey
Artist & Illustrator: Ulyana Dikhtyar & Dmytro Soloviov
Pages: 244
Trim: 10 x 7 inches
Published: 10/20/2023

Youth is determined by the suppleness of your mind. The older you become, the more rigid you get. Some people become old before they turn 20. With the normalization of extremism all over the world, young people are becoming more and more rigid.

Furthermore, in the age of social media, young people are increasingly under threat of psychological abuse. Because of how fast everything moves, abusive manipulators have ample opportunity to practice and perfect their craft.

One of the things I teach in the Art of Grey Area Thinking is that people who believe they cannot be manipulated are the most vulnerable to manipulation because if they do get manipulated (and they will), they will be too proud to admit it.

Therefore, I will not pretend to make you invulnerable. Art of Grey Area Thinking is a mental martial art. Learning a martial art does not automatically make you a UFC champion.
However, you will be exponentially more prepared to deal with the deception, traps, and tactics of malicious people. You will be resistant to extremist ideology and a light of reason for others.

Most importantly, you will feel better. After Ulyana, the cover designer for Art of Grey Area Thinking, read the book, she woke up the next day with a clear head. Ulyana lived 15 miles from the Russian frontlines and had endured over a year of daily bombardment, blackouts, and water stoppages.

Grey area thinking helped her process all the chaotic emotions she carried for over a brutal year.


Jimmy Grey is a fool who does his best to be less of a fool each day. He wrote Art of Grey Area Thinking after traveling to war zones to serve as a humanitarian. Spending time in a warzone was the ultimate grey area experience for Jimmy, who had already spent his life navigating chaos.

Although Jimmy comes from an academic background and is thorough with his research, he throws that shit out the window when he begins writing. He is at his best when he is unhinged. His rawness comes from a multitude of life experiences: combat sports, humanitarian work, journalism, design strategy, battling mental illness, escaping cults, surviving a mass shooting, and more.

Aby Richard is one of the highest-rated freelance editors in the Fiverr online community. She brought much-needed British discipline to Art of Grey Area Thinking. Her calm, gentle character anchored Jimmy's reckless energy and allowed him to stay unleashed without hurting himself.

Ulyana Dikhtyar is a young Ukrainian design prodigy who lives 15 miles away from the Russian front lines. She designed the cover art for the "Art of Grey Area Thinking" while facing daily bombardment from Russian missiles, artillery, and rocket fire. She experienced frequent blackouts, water, and gas shortages.

At one point, Ulyana was sleeping outside due to air anxiety (the fear of being trapped in should a bomb hit your house).

Dmytro (Dmitri) Soloviov is a Ukrainian artist living in Italy. He has worked at every level of illustration.

Many years ago, he was friends with now-Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensk. Young Zelenksy was first starting out his comedic career. Their friendship ended when Dmytro almost got his future president killed in a reckless driving incident.


"Man, wouldn't this make a fantastic gift for a younger person? I would love to see this in the hands of so many young people and activities to remind them that not everything is black and white and it's ok to stand up to oppression, bullies, etc." - Chelsea Burdick

"As someone who suffers myself, there's a lot in here that really made me think, and really opened my eyes. Obviously you're not a mental health professional - something you acknowledge in the book - but that doesn't mean you aren't helping people's mental health!" - Robert Welbourn

"Art of Grey Area Thinking is a wonderful book to help people who are struggling with any kind of abuse and harassment .The book is written on the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and I salute the author for his bravery to right on this topic and share the true story. It is the only and the best book I have ever read on this topic. I strongly recommend this book to women who are facing abuse. The book is equally helpful for people who want to heal from their pasts. It gives a new way of thinking and solving problems. The illustrations and quotes in between were absolute eye-catchers." - Rashmi

"After reading this book , I realized we know very little about Russia-Ukraine conditions, the Iran case, and the life of immigrants. This book gives eye-opening information about the current crisis, especially, about the life of women after and during the trouble. This book is for the victims who face traumas in their lives, but it is also suitable for therapists to heal their patients too. I found the given strategies very helpful and the first chapter 'BALANCE' was life-changing for me. The illustrations left me speechless. They are wonderful and each holds an intense message. The quotes are also impressive." - Naman Gupta

"People will be able to use this book as an outline on how to handle various situations. How to handle abuse, how to handle a debate, how to handle opposing ideas, how to be just an overall tolerable person. These days, it's worth its weight in gold." - Jordan Tate